Another Hidden Gem! Wine Bar Marugo Grande In Shinjuku, Tokyo

This is about my fun experience at the popular wine bar called Marugo Grande in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Hi guys, it’s y_a_j_i! How’s life? I haven’t been out for drinks for a while, so I and my husband decided going out for some wine. We found a nice and sophisticated wine bar which I’d like to recommend you to visit!

A Wine Bar Marugo Grande In Shinjuku

Shinjuku San-Chome has the large department stores and shopping complex such as Isetan, OIOI (Marui), and Bicqlo. We were browsing around to see where to eat and drink that night...then, found Marugo Grande in the back street of Shinjuku San-Chome area.


This is the wine bar we visited on this day. We could see the bar was busy, obviously doing good in business...and I found liver pate (paste) on their menu board...that attracted me badly (I love liver pate...♡)!


It was already 8:30pm, we were starving! We ordered the appetizer called Mariage avec le Campagne. Beautiful name, isn’t it?

Mariage means marriage in French, and it is often used as meaning of good chemistry of food and wine. Both wine and food influence well to each other on the plate. How could we not have it?

From far left, it is pork pate in the pastry, caramerized fruit tomatoes, and cream cheese with caviar.

These were heavenly good…!! All of them had wonderful chemistry with champagne!!

Liver Pate

TA-DA! This is why we stepped in to the bar...liver pate!!

This beautiful and fluffy pate was wonderful with baguette!

Caesar salad! Crunchy sweet potato and pumpkin chips are laying on the bed of Mizuna leaves (as known as Japanese peppercross). Sure, grated cheese adds the rich flavour on it.


Sauteed Cod Milt With Truffles

This was definitely my favourite on the day!!!!

I am a huge fan of cod milt. It is often served raw and dip it in Ponzu (citrus flavoured soy sauce) or Tempra in Japan. It is sauteed and dressed with shredded truffles on top, then soaked in the soup. It must be good, must be…!!

It was very tender and had rich taste… It was melting in my mouth… Shredded truffles was marvelous with it… I’s love to have it again……!!

Main Dish: Oven Roasted Lamb

Ohhhh I enjoyed so much on this roasted lamb! It was well prepared meat without odor.

They roasted the lamb rare which was perfect!! We enjoyed its savoy flavour and tender meat OH so much…!

We sure ordered red wine with this beautiful lamb! Champagne first, and had 2-3 glasses of wine.

OH Marugo Grande made our night!! As I mentioned, the bar was busy but we enjoyed very much of their fancy and yet sophisticated food and drinks in there. 700-1,800 yen per dish and 800-1,200 yen per glass may be not cheap, it was about 10,000 yen for two of us.

I hope you enjoy wonderful food and wine at Marugo Grande in Shinjuku!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!