Introducing Souvenirs From Our Trip To Ise In Mie Prefecture!

I’m introducing all the great souvenirs that I got in Oharai machi after visiting Ise Grand Shrine, the famous tourist spot in Mie Prefecture.

This article is a sequal to my Ise trip series, ‘Japan’s Most Important Shrine: Ise Jingu Visit!’ and ‘Another fun attraction of Ise Grand Shrine! Eating and strolling on Okage Yokocho Alley! (First part)’.

Hello, hello!

My family and I have had such a great time in Ise, but this is nearly the end of the trip. It’s time for souvenir shopping.

We went to ‘Hamayo Honten’ in Oharai machi for souvenir shopping.

Bargain No 1) Seaweed tsukudani

The first purchase was ‘kuronori’ (black seaweed).

It was ¥540.

This is the back of its packet.

It says that Shima (the old name for the eastern part of Japan) had had a tradition of offering seafood to the Imperial family a long, long time ago.

When we opened the package…

It was so uneven (LOL).

Oh well, it is still seaweed tsukudani, and it certainly looks delicious, doesn’t it?

Tsukudani is normally seafood or meat cooked in sweet soy sauce, and when sea smell adds to it, it enhances its aroma. It is so tempting to have it on rice.

…So, I DID put some seaweed tsukudani on freshly cooked rice!

This is quite something with subtle sweetness and a good taste.

It’s not too sweet and that makes it a perfect match with rice.

Yep, it was tasty indeed.

Bargain No 2) Smoked oysters in olive oil

Here is the second souvenir.

Just like yesterday, we went to the same shop, ‘Hamayo Honten’ and bought ‘smoked oysters in olive oil’.

I’m sure that this beats anybody who loves oysters just by its sound of ‘oysters’ (LOL).

I love oysters, so I jumped at it and bought it without hesitation.

It was ¥950 for a jar...fairly expensive.

This is the label.

It is so pure and genuine that it only uses oysters, sake and soy sauce. Nothing like synthetic seasoning is used.

You can simply taste the oysters…this is great.

Pop! As soon as the jar was opened, smoky scent and the smell olive oil flew out.

The jar says that it suits for salads, but it’s shame not to eat as it is. So, we ate it straight from the jar.

The oysters are shining and gleaming, but it was not too oily thanks to the olive oil.

So, let me have a bite…


It’s so rich!

This is totally for you if you love oysters!

This is undoubtedly delicious!

I never thought the smoky oyster aroma and olive oil go well this much.

You can taste the deep oyster richness and it makes the perfect nibbles for drinks!

It was great.

Bargain No 3) Oyster tsukudani

Finally, the last bargain for my souvenir was ‘oyster tsukudani’. This is also from ‘Hamayo Honten’ just like the previous 2 items.

You would totally purchase this if you love oysters, wouldn’t you?

It was ¥1000 for a packet. It might seem to be dear, but you would be happy to see the amount of oysters inside.

Look at these tsukudani! They look so tasty, still keeping their original oyster color. It’s so obvious that these guys are going to be scrumptious (LOL).

They are looking too good to wait around! We must eat them with rice right now!

…So, we did…straight onto rice. Yum!

If you can’t handle the bitterness of cooked oysters, this might not be your cup of tea. However, you can certainly enjoy the flavor of adductor muscle part, which we normally don’t really think about.

After all, I certainly think that oysters are the kings of winter.

The oyster season will be over soon…

I’m very happy for spring to come, but it is not easy to say goodbye to oysters for a while (LOL).

This is the end of our Ise day trip series. When you visit Ise, please do not forget to buy unique Ise souvenirs!

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