Even The Cat Can Do, Why Not You? (3): Bake A Pumpkin Pie At Home

This article introduces the recipe of a pumpkin pie. Let’s bake it with Mr. Cat!

Mr. Cat will bake an easy and tasty pumpkin pie! This is going to be a perfect Halloween dessert!

Let’s see the cat’s way to make it~


”Let’s bake it! It is easy and fun!”


”Here’s all you need!”

  • Ingredients (serve: 1)
    • 130g Pumpkin
    • 1 Paff pastry
    • 2〜3 Tsp Sugae
    • 1 Tbsp Heavy cream
    • 1 egg yolk and small amount of water (eggwash)
    • Nip of cinnamon powder

“If you don’t have heavy cream, let’s use milk instead!”

Before Making Filling...

“Puff pastry (about 20cm x 10cm) should be room temperature.”

”Cut pumpkin in pieces like this. You can use frozen pumpkin as well.”

Let’s Make It!

Making Filling

“Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and put it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes until it gets soft.”

”Once it gets soft…”

“Mash it!”

“Add heavy cream, sugar, and cinnamon…”

”Mix it well!”

Once it is mixed well, then let’s make the puff pastry ready...

Puff Pastry

“Cut the puff pastry in half and roll out one of them into thin layer.”

”Pierce the other one with a folk.”

Put Filling In The Pastry

”Put filling on the pierced pastry!”

“Cover it with the other half…”

“Use the folk to seal.”

“Spread the eggwash on the pastry.”

Bake It!

“Put the pie in the pre-heated oven (230℃/446℉) and bake it for 20 minutes…”

”Check on it in case it gets burnt…!”


Let’s Eat!


“Mmm hot, firm, hearty…and sweet!”

Freshly baked!

“Trick or Treat!”


  • If the pumpkin is too moist, reduce heavy cream, or add some more if it is dry.

  • If you don’t have eggwash, use milk instead.

  • Add some butter into the filling if you prefer rich taste.

  • Pre-heat with 250℃/482℉ and reduce to 230℃/446℉ to bake it if you use convection oven.

  • If it is burnt during baking, cover it with foil.

  • If the puff pastry gets too soft, put it back in the freezer until it gets hard enough to hold the filling.

See, it is super easy! Enjoy Halloween with the pumpkin pie!

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Written by kussy

I have worked in Tokyo for more than ten years. I live in Shanghai from the summer of 2015.