[Hokkaido souvenir] the Hokkaido limited Jagarico snack called ‘Toumoriko’?

In this series of Hokkaido souvenir top picks, I’ll be introducing the Hokkaido limited snack called ‘Toumoriko’. It is a Hokkaido version of Jagarico, a popular potato snack in Japan, and it’s made from delicious Hokkaido corn that give ‘Toumoriko’ nice subtle sweetness.

One of the attractions when you visit Japan is the fact that you can eat a variety of delicious food wherever you are. Hokkaido is known as the land of tasty delicacies. Fresh seafood, outstanding vegetables from the fertile soil, fantastic sweets/snacks made from rich local ingredients...there is no end to it!

Anyway, in Hokkaido, you’ll be able to find some limited versions of popular Japanese snacks/sweets. In this article, I’ll introduce one of them. Hope this will be useful for your trip there!

Do you know a local ‘Jagarico’?

Do you know ‘Jagarico’ snack loved by Japanese teenagers? It’s a potato snack in a cup shape container. Steamed potato is deep fried after being reshaped into sticks.

Salad flavor is in a green cup and cheese one is in a red cup. These are both commonly seen at convenience stores, but there are more special varieties out there depending on seasons or areas. For example, Osaka has Takoyaki flavor (octopus balls) and Kyushu has Mentaiko flavor (marinated cod roe)...each one has the flavor of the local delicacy.

So, because of its uniqueness that can feel and taste the locals, this Jagarico series are very popular as souvenirs. I’d recommend you look for a local’s special Jagarico at a souvenir shop when you travel around Japan.

I found ‘Toumoriko’, the Hokkaido limited edition!

Today, I’d like to introduce ‘Toumoriko’, the limited edition only found in Hokkaido! You can purchase it at around ¥600 from a souvenir shop.

This ‘Toumoriko’ is actually made from mashed sweet corn instead of potatoes.

In Japanese, sweet corn is called ‘Toumorokoshi’ and this snack is named after both Toumorokoshi and Jagarico. It sounds kind of cute somehow.

Normally, Jagarico is with a giraffe character, but this one has a squirrel!

The squirrel is playing with a corncob. How cute! (lol)

Mostly, Jagarico ‘limited editions’ are individually wrapped inside. This is very handy and makes gift- -giving easier at work and among friends.

This is how much you get in a pack. It might be a good size to go with coffee/tea.

This is Toumoriko! Ooohh, yummy!

Honestly, it was way better than I’d expected.

It doesn't have a salty flavor like Jagarico, but it has natural sweetness instead. This is exactly how I imagine what mashed potato would taste like when it’s fried. It may be even similar to corn soup...?

It has a nice crispy texture, so I finished the whole packet before I knew it.

Hokkaido vegetables are really delicious! It’s not just about seafood or sweets/snacks, but corn and asparagus also taste totally different from those in other regions.

Why not trying Toumoriko and steamed corn from Hokkaido?

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