Fresh pasta from the Italian restaurant ‘DANIEL’S’ in Nishiki Market of Kyoto

I’m introducing the Italian restaurant called ‘Daniel’s’ located in Nishiki-Koji Arcade, Kyoto. This is a quite popular restaurant among the locals for serving special and distinct fresh pasta.

I’m KOKORO MOYOU, delivering Kyoto information regularly.

Today, I’m going to write about the Italian restaurant ‘Daniel’s’, which offers a super reasonable lunch course for ¥1580, and you get distinct fresh pasta and 5 different appetizers.

It’s located in Takakura, Nishiki-Koji Arcade, Chukyo ku, Kyoto City. I visited there and took some photos on November 12, 2014.

Introducing the Italian restaurant ‘Daniel’s’

There were big signs and menu in front of the restaurant.

The sign says ‘Italian bar/restaurant with fresh pasta, wine and varieties of appetizers’.

According to the menu, their homemade fresh pasta is ‘with a texture that you cannot recreate with dried pasta’. That sounds very good! I could see a variety of sauce options on their pasta menu, including the ones with oil-based, tomato-based or cream-based sauces.

This is the inside of the restaurant. It is stylish as I picture how an Italian restaurant should be.

It’s tasting time!

Ok, let’s order something. I ordered ‘a lunch set at ¥1580 with 5 kinds of appetizers!!’ I also ordered ‘fresh pasta of the day (¥840).

The followings are included in their ‘lunch set at ¥1580 with 5 kinds of appetizers!!’

  • Soup
  • A plate of 5 kinds of appetizers
  • Your choice from Today’s pasta
  • Chef’s special! Panna cotta
  • Coffee / tea

If you order ‘fresh pasta of the day’, you get...

  • Salad
  • Focaccia
  • Your choice from Today’s pasta

We began with this soup.

Next, a plate with 5 kinds of appetizers arrived. It came with a good variety of a green salad, smoked salmon, a pumpkin salad and a slice of quiche.

Here is focaccia from the fresh pasta set.

This is a plate of cream sauce pasta from Today’s pasta.

The fresh homemade pasta from an Italian restaurant is definitely superb. It is so fresh and the texture was firm but moist.

This is the pasta with tomato-based sauce from the other lunch set. The shape of the pasta differs depending on the sauce.

Here is the iced coffee after the meal.

I had panna cotta for a dessert. This was delicious as well!

Phew, I got so full!

Each plate wasn’t that big, but I enjoyed the lunch set quite a bit. I would say that was a pretty good deal considering both the price and the quality of the meals.

If you get a little bit tired of eating Japanese food in Kyoto, I’d recommend trying some Italian food there. You will be certainly amazed by the quality of their food.

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