[Hokkaido souvenir] Hokkaido limited ’Kinoko no yama White Premium’

In this series of Hokkaido souvenir top picks, I’ll be introducing Kinoko no yama White Premium. This is a special Hokkaido edition of Kinoko no yama, a popular chocolate snack in Japan. This White Premium is with white chocolate and it makes it richer than the normal Kinoko no yama sweets.

One of the fun attractions when you visit Japan is to try every famous local delicacy! You can’t miss local cuisine, but it is also fun to discover a special edition of popular sweets/snacks that comes in flavor of local delicacy limited only to one area.

Especially, somewhere like Hokkaido, where you get to try wonderful products including delicious vegetables, fresh seafood and high-quality dairy foods, there are various limited editions of local specialties. People always talk about new products of sweets/snacks particularly with fresh milk or cheese from Hokkaido.

This article will write about such appetizing Hokkaido limited sweets/snacks!

Evolving ‘Kinoko no yama’

Have you heard of ‘Kinoko no yama’, the popular Japanese chocolate biscuits? It’s the one with mushroom shape snack, which has a short biscuit stem and umbrella-like chocolate on top.

Along with another product called ‘Takenoko no sato’, they’re both long-selling popular snacks in Japan. Recently, the company put a special version with dark chocolate on the market: ‘Kinoko no yama for adults’ and ‘Takenoko no sato for adults’.

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‘Kinoko no yama’ White Premium version!

So, here it is! This is the Kinoko no yama Hokkaido limited version, ‘White Premium’!

The umbrella part is white chocolate.

Surprisingly, this is a brand-new product that came out in April 2015. It’s a real authentic product made in Hokkaido and sold only in Hokkaido as well. On the box, it says ‘Enjoy the richness and its distinctive taste of our milky sweets’. Does this mean that they use delicious Hokkaido milk? This is really exciting!

It even seems to be stylish inside the box.

It says,

‘The land stretches all around us, fresh air surrounds us, a special delicious gift for you with Hokkaido richness

Kinoko no yama White Premium’

It is individually wrapped inside. Many people choose to buy this sort of snacks/sweets with limited edition for souvenirs to colleagues and friends. This is very handy and makes gift-giving stress free.

I’m ready to try ‘Kinoko no yama’!

I’m going to open this.

8-10 pieces per single in a pack.

It’s time to try a first piece!

It certainly tastes like rich milk! The white chocolate part was very milky, and it tastes like ice cream made on site in a dairy farm.

It was a bit too sweet for me, because I don’t usually eat sweets that much. However, my friend, who has a sweet tooth, liked this quite a lot. So, those who love sweet stuff may have a craving for this version of Kinoko no yama.

I also wrote about a corn snack called Toumoriko. There are many other kinds of Hokkaido limited sweets/snacks as well, so hope you feel adventurous and try some unique Hokkaido food!

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