Presenting souvenirs of My awesome shopping spree trip in Kyushu

This is a blog on my 3 days 2 nights trip to Kyushu written by Japanese living in Shanghai. In this article, I’ll show you what I bought during my trip.

This is the last part of ‘From Shanghai to Kyushu! My awesome trip covering hot springs and a shopping spree Part 1 & 2’. The following are the items that I bought on my Kyushu trip.


Cat foods

This was almost the only purpose of this trip. Dried food from ‘Royal Canin’ for my love of my life, my cat Keropon.

You can purchase the same stuff in Shanghai, but I hear that those could be parallel imported via EU or manufactured in China, and some of them might be total fake. So, I got totally confused and didn’t think that I could tell which is genuine and which is not. That’s why, I decided to buy these in Japan. I’d love to find out how you determine whether it’s genuine or not, so please let me know how if anyone know the answer to it.

Seasonings and condiments

These are bits and pieces that I found in supermarkets. They might seem nothing special but vital to my life in Shanghai. I had to get things like ‘Nabe Cube’ (to cook delicious soup for nabe hot pot dishes just by adding cubic tablets), and I also bought some special flour and corn flour, which don’t get lumpy. These items are well thought out and they truly come in handy that I cannot miss.

snack foods

I also bought some canned nibbles and ginkgo nuts to go with sake.

The rest was bought in a store within ‘Budou no tane’ as in the previous article.

I love dried foods like mushrooms and small fish. As you can see, I also purchased aluminum-free baking powder, dishtowels with cute patterns on them and some more bits.

I simply bought the curry powder and rice seasoning for their packaging designs. Oh..delish…


Food souvenirs

For my work colleagues, I got these...’Mametan’ from Budou no tane and caramel-filled wafers.

Local pottery and others

Tableware. Onta ware (Onta yaki) and plates with the Sometsuke technique (blue and white porcelain) from Unagi no nedoko.

The closest to you is tawashi, a Japanese scrubbing brush, and its quality is apparently very good. The middle is a dove whistle!

The little jars at the back are possibly going to be containers for sugar and salt. There is a small hole so that I can conveniently stand a spoon.

How cute this dove whistle is!

She has become a part of my bird collection.

(I bought the rest in Okinawa.)


Here is a T-shirt with octopus wieners! Super cute! Unfortunately, it wasn’t available in my size...but I still bought it, because I really really wanted it.

The back of this shirt is with a lunchbox! So many octopus wieners! Gorgeous!

Now you know why my kitchen pantry is so stuffed.

I also got some Japanese food from my Japanese colleague in Shanghai, who is going back to Japan for, my possession rate of Japanese food is pretty high.

I’m thinking to cook some Okonomiyaki for dinner tonight. Ahhh, I love my sweet home.



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Written by kussy

I have worked in Tokyo for more than ten years. I live in Shanghai from the summer of 2015.