Review: Staying Apa Hotel In The Downtown In Wakayama City

This article is my review of staying at a business hotel called Apa Hotel in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture. It’ll show you how the accommodation looks and their breakfast menus, etc.

Hi folks! I went to Wakayama Prefecture on business the other day. Recently, many tourists have been coming to see Kumano Kodo and Kouyasan which are popular sites in the prefecture, which means it is getting harder to reserve hotels and prices for accommodation are rapidly ascending… However, business hotels in general give you fair-priced deals.

Access And Fees Of Apa Hotel Wakayama

So, I stayed in the Apa Hotel in Wakayama.

After work I had an appointment with an old friend for the first time in a decade, so I was looking for a hotel close to the downtown of the city. Apa Hotel is a large business hotel chain in Japan, but it was my first time staying at this particular location (business hotels are mostly for business people, offering basic service and a light breakfast).

I made the reservation online, so it cost me 5,200 yen for a night including breakfast. I was surprised how cheap it was and wondered if their service would not be good… Well, I will tell you how the room was later in this article.

The hotel is located in the far west in Burakuricho Shoutengai (local shopping & restaurant street) in the city which is 10 minutes by bus from Wakayama Sation, or a 10 minute walk from Wakayama-shi Station. It is also 10 minutes away from Wakayama Castle if you would like to visit there from the hotel.

How The Room Looks In Apa Hotel Wakayama

This is it! I reserved a single room, but the staff offered me a twin room without additional cost just because it was vacant… It was my lucky day!

A twin room was (of course) bigger, felt more relaxed… It was tidy and clean!

Unfortunately, there was no good view from the window becuase there is a tall building right next to the hotel...

This is the bathroom. The hotel itself is not new. but I had no doubt about their cleaning skills! Again, it was tidy and clean! Nice shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are equipped in the room.

40-inch TV is also equipped.

Light Breakfast In The Hotel

Let me show you how their breakfast was now.

It was buffet style, and the restaurant is on 9th floor which has great view from the windows.

There were many kinds of food I could choose from. Pork, chicken, fish, vegetables…

Their selection was fantastic!

TA-DA! This is what I picked.

A bowl of rice and miso soup, deep fried chicken, meatballs, sausages, salad, and yogurt. … I may skip lunch! My tummy said it was happy… hahaha

What surprised me was…they had Ginzanji Miso! It is a signature kind of Miso in Wakayama Prefecture and the surrounding prefectures. It consists of fermented vegetables and oats in Miso which is salty. It goes well with rice and/or is good as a side dish with Sake.

I felt the hotel’s kindness through the fresh, local, quality food they serve their guests even though Apa Hotel is a chain business hotel. Oh...I would eat too much…!

Oh my! They also have curry on the breakfast menus!

Yes, I finished my breakfast...but that was just the first half! Of course I had curry with deep fried chicken on top! My appetite has no limit…!

Can you believe it was only 5,200 yen for a night to stay in this hotel?? The staff was very nice, made me feel welcomed, and the room was wonderfully tidy. It was just my lucky day that my room was upgraded to a twin room (it depends on their vacancy and other circumstances, of course)!

Apa Hotel Wakayama is a great place to stay not only for business people but tourists as well!

I have an another article that is about my reunion with my old friend at Enjoy Fresh Seafood At Toramaru Suisan In Arochi, Wakayama Prefecture. Please refer it for a great, yet inexpensive food experience!

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Written by 若おっさん(Waka Ossan)

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