Enjoy The World’s Biggest Seafood Market In Tsukiji ~Part 1~

Tsukiji Market is one of the must-visit place in Tokyo and the most famous fish market in Japan. Let us introduce our recommended restaurants and their information!

I bet many tourists from overseas visit Japan to see the most famous seafood market in Tsukiji in Tokyo. This famous market is very spacious, even Japanese people easily get lost in there. I have a map and other useful information for you in this article, so please refer when you plan on visiting!

(Please note- information in this article is up to date as of May 2013. When you visit the market, please refer the market’s official web site as well.)

About Tsukiji Market

My dream finally has come true...I visit Tsukiji Market in Tokyo!

What Is Jogai Shijo In Tsukiji?

Tsukiji Market is devided into two section. One is called Jogai Shijo (outer market) and Jonai Shijo (inner market). Where people bid for a huge tuna and other seafood is held in Jonai Shijo. Jogai Shijo is located basically along Jonai Shijo where you can find restaurants which offers fresh seafood.

An Hour Or Two, That’s All You Need!

The restaurants and shops are easy to access once you are in the market. All you need is an hour or two to look around and have some wonderful food! However, you will have another question- where should I go particular in the market? Don’t worry, I had the same question in my head. So, I asked my friend’s mom who is the master of the market where I should visit! Let me share her recommended route and restaurants with you...it was fabulous!!

Recommended Route In Tsukiji

I have a map, the recommended restaurants/shops information below:

Recommended Restaurants & Shops

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Tsukiji NannoNikomi KitsuneyaMaguro-don SegawaTori-to BuntenMiyake SuisanTsukemono NakagawayaTori-toMac MoreNiku No YazawaMarutakeSaitoh Suisan Main StoreSaitoh Suisan 2nd BranchKibunShirasu-yaTsukiji Shouro ⑯Tsukiji Kimura-ya ⑰Mosuke Dango Jogai Shijo Branch ⑱Akiyama ⑲Rupan ⑳Uomasa ㉑Showa Shokuhin ㉒Aji No Yonekura ㉓Edoichi ㉔Fukaya Suisan ㉕Hankyu Shouten ㉖Kawana Shouten

1) Tsukiji Kanno -Tsukiji Tuna And Seafood Wholesale-

Tsukiji Kanno offers super fresh seafood bowls!

Walking in to the eat-in space and be ready for delicious food...

I recommend you to try Goshoku-don in here! A lot of Elegant Sea Urchin is on top of freshly cooked rice in the bowl (2,500 yen)!! Sea Urchin is one of the luxurious seafood to Japanese people. The Elegant Sea Urchin has very rich and sweet taste. It is definitely worth the price!!

I got a bowl of Miso soup (100 yen extra) with Goshoku-don! It was very expensive and luxury breakfast for me! I’ve never spent this much except when I visited Hakodate City in Hokkaido (the city is also known for fresh seafood).

They recommended me not to put soy sauce or any other seasoning for the first bite so I followed...OH MY…! The rich and sweet Elegant Sea Urchin’s melting in my mouth… Let me say this again...it is definitely worth to try!! You’ll love it :)

  • The restaurant’s recommendation is Uogashi-don which has not only sea urchin but juicy tuna and fresh salmon roe in one bowl!
  • Business Hours: 05:30-14:30
  • Open 7 days a week

2) Nikomi Kitsuneya

Nikomi Kitsuneya is one of the few places not related with seafood in the market. Their signature dishes are Gyu-don (beef bowl-sweet and spicy shredded beef stew) made from Japanese beef, Horumon-ni (simmered giblets). There is a long waiting line around the restaurant.

  • Horumon-ni is great, but freshly cooked Niku Tofu (simmered meat and Tofu) on top of rice is another delicious choice!
  • Business hours: 07:00-13:30
  • Closed on Sundays, national holidays, and when Jonai Shijo is closed

3) Maguro-don Segawa

This food stand offers Maguro-don (tuna Sashimi bowl)!

I walked by but no one was there even though I’ve heard the stand is very popular! Hmm… They told me their tuna for the day is sold out (let me remind you, this is BEFORE noon)!! I wonder when is the good time to secure my Maguro-don~~~!! I should have been here earlier!! :’(

  • You can’t miss tuna in Tsukiji! Zuke-don (pickled tuna bowl) is definitely their best selling meal!
  • Business hours: 07:30 until sold out
  • Closed on Sundays, national holidays, Wednesdays (irregular), and when Jonai Shijo is closed

4) Torito Bunten

Torito is owned by chicken wholesale merchant. You’ll enjoy their fresh and juicy chicken in the restaurant!

  • Oyako-don (chicken and egg bowl-tender chicken and runny egg in sweet and spicy sauce on top of rice) and deep-fried crispy chicken are their popular menus!
  • Business hours: 07:30-14:30
  • Closed on Sundays, national holidays, and when Jonai Shijo is closed.

5) Miyake Suisan

This is a fish merchant in Tsukiji. If you love cooking, get some fresh seafood and cook it ;)

  • They stock various kinds of tiger prawns
  • Busy all day and workers are full of energy!
  • Business hours: 05:00-15:00
  • Closed on Sundays, national holidays, and when Jonai Shijo is closed

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Written by TABIZU

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