Top 5 Rankings of Facial Packs Popular in Japan

We introduce popular facial packs on word-of-mouth sites in rankings. We show why they are popular referring to their features and effects, for both made-in-Japan and imported products. Please use them as reference when shopping at drug stores.

Today we will introduce popular face masks in Japan to you.

In Japan, there is a wird-of-mouth website called “@cosme” that specializes in cosmetics. Mostly all of the cosmetic products are rated rather severely there. So the ones that are rated high on this site is a must-buy.

So today we are going to inform you the Top 5 products on @cosme.

Rank No.5: “Hydro-Gel Mask Cleopatra Gold” by KIYORA

First off, Cleopatra Gold!
This mask contains 24-carat gold!

Gold leaf beauty treatment is currently popular among celebrities, but it’s awfully expensive.
With this mask, it contains 5 ingredients that makes firm skin and it’s only 350 yen each!

Caviar, propolis and rose essence, coenzume Q10, squalene, etc. are included and it’s unbelievably extravagent.

After use, you can melt it into the hot bath and reuse it as an essence bathwater!

Rank No.4: “Mezama-sheet” by Saborino

The next product is just for those who are too lazy.

“Washing my face is already dreadful in the morning, and I tend to skip moisturizing.” Those of you who say that, the “Saborino Mezama-sheet” is highly recommended.
This sheet acts as a facewash, skincare, and also as a makeup base! It only takes 60 seconds!
The mask itself contains menthol so the coolness will wake you up in the morning.

On @cosme, there were voices like “So easy and fresh!” “It’s even easier than other brands to take the mask out!”, quite a sensation.

Rank No.3: “Amino-Moist Purupuru Shittori Hada Mask” by Minon

Next is Minon’s “Amino-Moist Purupuru Shittori Hada Mask”.
Minon is originally a famous brand for cosmetics and face washes for people with sensitive/dry skin.

So this mask is rated highly for moisturizing dry skin.
The essence is a gel type so it doesn’t drip.

Rank No.2: “Black Pearl Mask” by My Beauty Diary

Here is the second best mask.

My Beauty Diary is a Taiwanese brand that specializes in face masks.They also sell popular masks like “Swallow’s Nest Mask” and “Cherry Blossom Mask”, they sure have great appeal...

They are now popular in Japan too.
(Taiwanese people should buy them in Taiwan, it’s probably much cheaper haha)

What made them a great hit is the amount of essence it contains and the amount of time it keeps your skin moisturized.

Many people use the leftover essence for their neck and arms as well!

Rank No.1: “All-in-one Sheet Mask Moist” by First Quality

Finally the No.1 mask!

As they say in their name, it is “all-in-one”. After you use the mask, there is no need to put on skin lotion or milk, making it so easy to mosturize your skin.

Most importantly, the price. They are 330 yen for 7 masks, and 1,900 yen for 50 masks.
Which means, they are only about 50 yen each!
How cost-affective is that!

This brand’s face masks are all 100% made-in-Japan cotton. They’re also nonalcoholic, non-scented, color free, and not using any preservatives, so they do not contain anything that strongly affects the skin. Amazing.

What did you think about the ranking? They are all masks with great quality.

From daily use to occasional luxury, be sure to check them out at your nearest drug store!

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Written by Nekko

I recently got married and I’m currently living in Tokyo. I will write about cheap shopping, and tips about fashion and lifestyle.