Kyoto in PINK at night in October cooperates Pink Ribbon Campaign

Kyoto City cooperates PINK ribbon campaign, that means the city is covered in the beautiful pink at night! This article lets you know where to go to see illuminated buildings during the event.

Hello everyone! Let me introduce Kyoto in PINK at night in October. Kyoto City cooperates Pink Ribbon Campaign for breast cancer awareness. Major cities have beautiful illumination during this time.

In October 2015, Kyoto Tower, the City Hall buildings, Kiyomizudera Temple, Fukuchiyama Castle, and some other places became SO pretty in pink during the event! On 1 October, Kiyomizu No Butai (Kiyomizu Stage) got illuminated in pink as well.

Kyoto Tower In PINK

The first location is Kyoto Tower. I visited on 4 October 2015.

Kyoto Tower opened on 28 December 1964. The tower has been managed by Kyoto Tower Co., Ltd. This company is one of Keihan Group (a railway company in Kyoto).

The tower accepted monocoque structure and is cylinder shape.

The tower part is 100 meter’s high, and the building which is attached in the bottom of the tower is 31 meter’s high. From the ground to the top of the tower, it is 131 meter’s high and it is 159 meter above sea level.

In the bottom of the tower, it is 10 meter in diameter, and 5.5 meter on the top of the tower. The weight is 800 tonnes. The tower is endurable of 90m/s speed of wind.

This tower is the highest architecture in Kyoto, and it is shaped like a lighthouse, even though the city does not have the ocean. Some people say it looks like a candle, but officially, it is shaped as a lighthouse.

If weather was kind, you can see the entire Kyoto and even Osaka from the observation deck on the top of the tower.

Kyoto Tower reflecting on Kyoto Station Building is beautiful as well...

Kyoto Station Building is attached to the Karasuma Chuo Exit of the station.

The building now has been renovated in 1997.

There is a open ceiling space in the middle of the building which uses 4,000 pieces of glass. On the top of the ceiling, there is a path to walk. You can enjoy the view from the path which is 45 meter’s high from the ground.

There are beautiful stairs in both east and west end of the path. The west end stairs are sometimes used for music concert and other fun events.

The picture below is taken from Kyoto Station Building. The tower in pink reflected in the building.

The observation deck.

Kyoto Station Building and Kyoto Tower in a picture…

The glassy building is….beautiful!

The picture below is taken from the path in Kyoto Station Building.

Isn’t it beautiful…? You can enjoy the fantasistic view about 30 minutes after dark.

The Former Main Hall Of The Kyoto Prefectual Office Building In PINK!

The former Main Hall of the Kyoto Prefectual Office building is a spacimen of Renaissance architecture. Thie gorgeous building looks more beautiful in PINK!

I visited here on 2 October 2015.

The construction was completed on 20 December 1904 and had been used as the prefectual main hall until 1971.

This beautiful building has still been used as office, meeting rooms, etc. This is the oldest public office in Japan and is registered as the national treasure.

The main gate closes at night, so enter from the east entrance.

I asked the guard and got approved to go inside and take pictures.

Look how beauty she is!

Pink matches pretty well with this Renaissance architecture...don’t you agree?

I saw only few people whille I was in the premise… Very quiet place in such a busy city!

Nights in Kyoto during this time are so romantic!

Many tourists think of Kyoto in autumn is coloured leaves...but at night, you will see spectacular view in PINK! The temparature in this season is kind to take a walk at night. Why not having special moment in Kyoto at night?

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