Green tea bavarois parfait at Gion Komori, a Japanese cafe in Gion

I had a green tea parfait at a cafe named Gion Komori in Gion. The cafe had a relaxing, very Kyoto-like atmosphere, where you can eat Japanese sweets.

This is KOKORO MOYOU, bringing you info about Kyoto. I have introduced things like Green Tea Cream Mitsumame from Gion, and I highly recommend eating green tea sweets in Kyoto, for those of you who love green tea.

So today, I am going to introduce a recommended cafe in Gion where you can eat green tea parfaits.

A cafe in Gion, "Gion Komori"

I will introduce a cafe named "Kammidokoro Gion Komori" in this article. It is in Gion Shirakawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City. I visited this place on October 6th, 2015.

This the inside of the cafe. It's has a very comfortable, Japanese-style atmosphere.

There is an old black telephone placed inside.

You can see the courtyard from the room.

The peaceful elegance is amazing.

The courtyard is well taken care of.

This is their menu.

There are zenzai (a type of Japanese sweets with sweet red beans and mochi or rice flour dumplings), parfaits, ice cream, anmitsu (sweets with cooked beans, agar, fruits, mochi and sweet red bean paste eaten with syrup), etc.

They are all around 1000 yen, so it's a bit expensive for a snack.

They had marron parfaits as a seasonal menu for autumn. They seemed to change the menu by season.

Let's eat the "Green Tea Bavarois Parfait"!

I ordered the Green Tea Bavarois Parfait. They are 1,450 yen, tax included.

Green tea ice cream, vanilla ice cream, rice flour dumplings, red beans, chestnuts, green tea cake and jelly. And the main ingredient, green tea bavarois! How luxurious is this? You can eat from whatever you like, and mix them up as you like.

The elegant atmosphere makes the parfait taste even better.

Green tea powder is sprinkled on top of the rich green tea ice cream.

The bittersweet taste is incredible.

It was delicious.

You can enjoy the taste, atmosphere and your time here all at the same time.

You can get souvenir sweets to go!

I bought back Green Tea Warabi Mochi as souvenirs. They are 950 yen and only have a limited number of them.

Warabi mochi is a Japanese confectionery made with starch, water and sugar, that is like a transparent mochi.

We normally eat them with kinako (soybean flour) and kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup), but this one is coated with green tea powder.

Inside, there is brown sugar syrup and toothpicks to use when eating.

It’s bitter and soft, and the good taste fills your mouth.

Very delicious!

If you want to eat green tea sweets in a comfortable atmosphere, I highly recommend this cafe. The parfait, relaxing environment, and the time passing slowly were all very Kyoto-like. Please stop by when you have the chance!

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