Beautiful Inside And Out! Let’s Take A Walk In the Kyoto Station Building

This article introduces the Kyoto Station Building. This very unique and modern building willy surely get your attention!

Hi friends! I’m KOKORO MOYOU. I live in Kyoto and would like to introduce you to the latest information about the city.

Today, I will introduce you to the Kyoto Station Building. The station is often the beginning of your journey in Kyoto, but what do you know about the station itself?

The station’s address is as follows: Higashi-Shiokoujicho, Shiokoujisagaru, Karasuma-Dori, Shimogyou-Ku, Kyoto City.

I visited the building on 20 August 2014.

Learn About Kyoto Station Building

There are some buildings connected to the station (they are all called the station’s buildings), but the one I am introducing today belongs to JR West Japan Railway and can be reached via the Karasuma Chuo Exit. The building is a 4th generation (a Japanese term for a building in its 4th iteration, but serving the same functional purpose) that was completed in 1997.

The structure rises 16 stories above the ground in addition to 3 underground stories. The ground floor area is 38,000 ㎡ and its total floor space is 238,000㎡, and the building stretches 470m from east to west.

This building was designed by the architect Hiroshi Hara. There are 4,000 plates of glass used to construct the middle of the building. There is a skywalk on the top of the ceiling where you can see Kyoto Tower and the city from 45m above from the ground. The skywalk, along with the observation deck, are popular not only with locals, but tourists as well.

There are some stairways in the building and the one in the west is often used as a site for events such as music concerts.

Walk And Enjoy!

This is the vaulted ceiling with 4,000 plates of glass. Beautiful...

Kyoto Tower is behind the glass!

Look at the unique and innovative design! Can you believe this is in an ancient city like Kyoto??

This is an another way to enjoy Kyoto Tower… From its reflection on the glass!

The picture below is inside of the skywalk. I feel like I’m looking at a spaceship in a movie...

This is the skywalk from the outside of the building. Yes, you’re walking up in the sky!

As I mentioned above, the skywalk is often used as observation deck. You can see Kyoto Tower and the city from here.

This area is often used as an event or party site.

It looks like a beautiful garden.

In the middle of Karasuma Komichi Hiroba (the square) is a public art display named “SPACE.”

The entrance is all covered by glass as well, so the beautiful sky is reflected by it on clear, beautiful days.

Blue sky and white clouds are a very good combination! The beautiful reflection makes me feel fantastic!

Kyoto is famous for its old and traditional buildings, but this station building was built in the late 1990s with the latest designs and technologies.

The building contains many souvenir shops, restaurants, and even an observation deck! This is the perfect station to spend some time before and/or after your journey in Kyoto!

Please enjoy wandering about in the modern Kyoto Station Building when you visit the city!

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