Staying At Yumoto Konpira Onsen Hananoyu Koubaitei (1/2)

Konpira Onsen is a popular spa town in Kagawa Prefecture. Hananoyu Koubaitei is a Japanese traditional Ryokan (hotel) in the town with a high reputation among the people who have visited and stayed. In this article, I will introduce their dining and sleeping options.

Hi there! I took a tour the other day to Konpira Onsen in Kagawa Prefecture and stayed at Hananoyu Koubaitei.

Koubaitei has earned a great reputation on Jaran (Japanese travel website) and TripAdvisor. The Ryokan gets 4+ stars on both websites.

I was beyond excited! I’ve heard getting a reservation at Koubaitei is not easy…

I will show you how the hotel looks inside and give some insight on their dinner and breakfast in two articles.

Facility at Hananoyu Koubaitei in Konpira Onsen

This is located outside the Ryokan. We arrived before sunset, which meant we would be able to soak ourselves in the hot spring before dinner.

Here is the lobby area. I already felt the heightened luxury atmosphere just from being in the area. This is how an average large-sized Japanese Ryokan lobby usually looks.

This is our room. Tatami floor for sure!

There were four of us staying in the same room as a group, and the room had enough space for 4 adults.

There’s some space to sit down and get cozy in the room. Seeing nature outside after taking in the hot spring made me feel so relaxed...

I didn’t take any pictures in their bathing area, but here is a footbath area.

The quality of the hot spring was much nicer than I expected! My body was kept warm for a while and my skin got moist after bathing. The quality, texture, and efficacy of the water varies by which Onsen you visit. Enjoy the difference by going from place to place, for that is the great part about visiting Onsens.

Wonder what you need before you visit the bath? ...Nothing! Towels, shampoo, and other things you need are in the bathing area, so you just go with empty hands!

After the relaxing bath, it is time for dinner!

Kaiseki Course For Dinner At Koubaitei

When we entered their restaurant for dinner, there was Sake as an aperitif, appetizers, etc on the table.

The picture below is called Toubanyaki. Put meat and vegetables on a ceramic pot and grill them. You can eat freashly cooked meat and veggies on your table...isn’t it awesome?

Udon noodles came in the middle of the courses. This does not happen at other Ryokans; Udon noodles are eaten as a staple food like rice in Japan, so it comes at the end of Kaiseki course in most restaurants/Ryokans. was um, okay… Kagawa Prefecture is famous for its Udon noodles and people in Kagawa are VERY proud of thier Udon noodles. Did I set my expectations too high? I don’t know...

This is Sashimi and beer!

Yellowtail and Shrimp were very fresh and firm!

Oh my gosh...I want some more beer!

Meat and vegetables were getting ready while I had this Sashimi...

They were served with Ponzu (citrus flavoured soy sauce). It went really fast.

I believe Kaiseki’s main dish is Sashimi and Tempura! The Sashimi was good, and Temupra here was freshly deep fried so it was hot and crunchy!

Well, it was great, I personally prefer soft and fluffy tempura depends on your preference.

Rice and dessert came after these yummy dishes, but sorry, I guess I had too much drinks and forgot to take pictures… Honestly, I was a little bit disappointed at their was less than I expected.

On the other hand, I was surprised by their breakfast! Are you interested? Please see here to see the biggest surprise in Koubaitei!

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