Review: Staying At Yumoto Konpira Onsen Hananoyu Koubaitei (2/2)

Konpira Onsen is a popular spa town in Kagawa Prefecture. Hananoyu Koubaitei is a Japanese traditional Ryokan (hotel) in the town with a high reputation among the people who have visited and stayed. In this article, I will introduce their famous breakfast!

This is continued article from the first half of the review of Konpira Onsen Hananoyu Koubaitei. In the second half, I will introduce thier famous breakfast!

It Was The Best Breakfast Of My Life!

The Ryokan has a restaurant called Maruchu where we ate breakfast. If you are NOT staying at Koubaitei, it costs 3,000 yen (excluding tax) per person.

However, I stayed for a night here so it was free! Of course I enjoyed the hot spring again in the morning just before breakfast!

I probably haven’t mentioned it before, but I got a voucher that I needed to bring to the venue (there is a box where you put your voucher).

The first thing I picked was a bowl of rice and miso-soup (sorry, the picture got blurred).

I was surprised how many kinds of food I can choose from!

There are all different kinds of simmered dishes (pictured below), and there were also Sashimis, deep fried, grilled dishes, etc. I have never had a luxury breakfast like this…!!

Again, Kagawa Prefecture is famous for Udon noodles, so naturally they serve Udon for breakfast!

The most popular way to eat Udon in Kagawa is called Kamatama Udon. Freshly cooked noodles are mixed with Dashi (stock) and a raw egg in a bowl.

Well, here’s what I picked for breakfast.

Warm rice and miso soup, grilled chicken, Karaage (deep fryed chicken), simmered beans, picked vegetables, Dashimaki (Japanese omelette), shrimp Tempura, and two kinds of Sashimi.

What a luxurious breakfast…!!

And I added other dishes: 3 kinds of Sashimi and Kamatama Udon.

Oh the Sashimi was so awesome!! Very firm, chewy, and oh so fresh!!

I was very glad to have Sashimi in the morning :) :)

The Udon from dinner the night before wasn’t that great, but this one was hot and tasty!

...I guess what I had last night was just soggy after sitting for too long. Also, the fresh Kamatama Udon was very good!

Udon noodle is the most popular and famous food in Kagawa Prefecture, but this Shouyumame is another specialty in the prefecture. It consists of roasted beans seasoned with soy sauce, sugar, chilli peppers, etc. Simple but tasty!

Oh my! My tummy got full...but I just couldn’t pass on an omelette… They cook omelettes in front of you! There are other western menus available as well.

Their Japanese breakfast was great, but I had a western breakfast, too! I know my tummy was about to explode! hahaha

This is what I had: Freshly baked bread, an omelette, fries, small cakes, donuts, and waffles.

And coffee at the end.

I could not ask for more!!!!

I cannot explain enough how awesome the breakfast was!

Honestly, I was a little disappointed with dinner the night prior, but the breakfast was more than made up for it!

I skipped lunch on that day because I had such a big breakfast...hahaha

I stayed in Koubaitei with a bunch of others as a large group, so you may get a better dinner if you go as a small group...

Their service, facilities, and breakfast were well beyond my expectations!!

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