Let’s go meet alpacas and sheep from Sapporo! Ecorin Village, with 30 theme gardens

I went to a nature theme park named Ecorin Village, located in Eniwa which is next to Sapporo, the center of Hokkaido. You can enjoy English gardens and meet animals.

This is Ayaka, a blogger from Hokkaido! I am in Sapporo on a business trip for a month, so I am exploring places where you can go by car from Sapporo.

Today, I went to Ecorin Village, which is in Eniwa-shi, right next to Sapporo. The Ecorin Village is a farm theme park, maybe best for families, that is just perfect for places like Hokkaido surrounded by nature.

In its broad land, there have gardens that are being neatly taken care of, restaurants that use fresh ingredients, gardening shops and farms, and families will enjoy this place for sure.

How to get to Ecorin Village

It’s easier to go to Ecorin Village by car, but it’s okay if you don’t have one.

Ride the JR Kaisoku Airport Line from Sapporo station to Eniwa station for 23 minutes. From Eniwa station, there are shuttle buses that depart from the bus stop in the West Exit, every 30 minutes from 7:30am to 5:50pm. There are more buses on weekends, so check out their official homepage too!

Let’s play at Ecorin Village!

The entrance fee is 1200 yen for adults and 600 yen for children under middle school. The entrance fee for up to five children per adult is free, so it is very cheap for families.

There was an ice cream stand right next to the ticket booth, I couldn’t help but get one. Alpaca Ice Cream! How cute!!

In the farm, there were alpacas and llama.

An alpaca walking inside the farm. Their way of walking is so cute!

There are four times a day where you can actually touch the alpacas, so you might want to check out their time table before you go inside. You will be surprised by their unbelievably thick hair.

They are all very friendly too. When you go near them, they come towards you for food.

The sheep are all grazing, and you can tell they are relaxed.

There are also farm tours you can go on by trams.

The Ginga Teien, where you can see 30 theme gardens

All of them are designed supervised by a British landscape architect, Bunny Guiness, and many varieties of plants and flowers grow depending on its season. It does remind you a little bit of Cotswolds in England.

Ducks swim in the water.

Tomato Forest

They are the same kind of tomato that we eat every day, and they usually grow only 20 to 30 tomatoes out of one seedling, but here, they grow more than 13,000 of them in one tree.

They try not to give much stress to the tomatoes, and bring out as much ability the tomatoes have as they can. Amazing!

There were also souvenir shops with many cute goods, restaurants, craft spaces...so many other places you can enjoy.

Ecorin Village’s Policy

Their name, Ecorin Village, comes from the word “eco” and “rin” (which is the pronunciation for the word, “circle” in Japanese), to form the idea of a small community that cherishes the natural environment.

If you are living in an urban area, I think this is a good place for children to think about what we eat and how we live.

The people on TripAdvisor were giving this place a high score, with comments like, “It was very comfortable and relaxing!”. If you are tired of the crowds in famous tourist sites, why don’t you come to Ecorin Village and enjoy the soothing atmosphere?

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Written by Ayaka

Born and raised in Hakodate. I drive around Sapporo often too. I love fashion, sweets, and beautiful scenery. I work at a hotel in Hakodate.