Enjoy All-You-Can-Eat Oyster In Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture!

Matsushima in Miyagi Prefecture is popular site to tourists. I attended the all-you-can-eat oyster tour (2,000 yen per person)! Let’s enjoy oysters and talking to local people in Matsushima!

All-You-Can-Eat Oysters In Matsushima

About Matsushima

Many of you may know Sendai City is the capital of Miyagi Prefecture, Matsushima is also in Miyagi Prefecture. It is one of the three most famous scenic places in Japan. Matsushima is more popular than Sendai to Japanese people. Matsushima has over 260 small islands in the area, and seafood caught in there attracts not only locals but people from all over Japan and abroad!

About All-You-Can-Eat Oysters

Yakigaki House is located in both Kaki-goya (means oyster cabin) and Matsushima Fish Market. Yakigaki House offers 40 minutes of all-you-can-eat oysters for 2,000 yen (there are some options depending on which you visit, but this is what I tried). It sounds fabulous, doesn’t it?

I visited Kaki-goya...without reservation. I knew this is popular activity but I didn't know it would be hard to even make reservations...I couldn't make reservation. They accept limited number of walk-in guests, too, so I decided to wait in line and see if there’s a table available for me.

Wait For Me, Oysters!

Taking An Express Bus To Sendai

I left Shinjuku at 7:15 am to Sendai Station and arrived there a little after 1:00 pm. Sendai is famous for beef tongue, so I had some in the station, then took a train to Matsubara Kaigan Station where Kaki-goya is located. Oh, it is not a day trip, I booked a hotel called Matsushima Century Hotel please refer here- I’ve written the review).

Walking In To Kaki-goya

I visited Kaki-goya in the next day. It is only 5 minutes away from the hotel I stayed. Kaki-goya allows walk-in guests to sign up at 9 am but I arrived at 8:48…! I took too long eating breakfast in the hotel… :(

However, there’s no one at the reception! I thought it would be crowded...but I was the first one signed up in this day! I put my name on the list at the counter.

All-you-can-eat starts at 10:30, so I went to Matsushima Fish Market and went back to the hotel and rest for a while.

Let’s Feast!

When I walked in to Kaki-goya just before 10:30, there were so many people waiting in line! Waiting time for people in the end of line was about 2 hours…!

Even though I put my name in the top of the list, they would skip me if I am not available when they call my name, so I came early and waited.

Many oysters are waiting for you in front of Kaki-goya!

Good thing my name is the first on the list. I proudly walked in first in front of many people waiting... Winning!! hahaha

Oysters On The Grill

Oysters are brought to the table.

Each table has a grill in the middle. To steam oysters, put the lid over the oysters and put towels around it.

Other than the plate, there are a paper apron, a glove, chopsticks, a knife, and a washcloth equipped in each seat.

Put the glove on your weak hand! It is to prevent your hand from burning when you hold the oysters.

Look! Oysters are ready!! Oyster liquor comes out from the lid, so hold the towel around it with tongs while they are steamed,

All-you-can-eat starts when the oysters are cooked. It shouldn’t be hard to shell the oysters.

Mmm, Tasty!

There is a staff in each table to help you to shell the oyeters and such.

The lady in our table helped us not only to shell the oysters but to check on the oysters on the grill, add more oysters, etc...

Take a closer look now…!

TA-DA! This is oysters in Matsushima~!! What a succulent look!

I think it is smaller than the oysters in Hiroshima (Hiroshima is famous for the oysters as well), but Matsushima’s oysters have very rich taste!

The lady added some more oysters when they are about to be all gone. When the oyster is ready to eat, the lady put it in front of you, so you don’t waste your time to look for the ready-to-eat oysters in the grill.

There are some buckets around each table for oyster shells. I looked it and realized I had 30-40 oysters...I wish I could eat more...but it was only 2 hours after breakfast...I am a bit disappointed at myself that I couldn’t eat more! hahaha

Walking Around After The Feast

Look at these mountains! These are made out of oyster shells!! The locals told me these are used for something…..sorry, I don’t remember what it is...

Whew! I am beyond satisfied having so many oysters for only 2,000 yen!!

I remember the lady helped me told she is happy to work again. Yes, “again.” ...Miyagi Prefecture was hit by the great east Japan earthquake and Tsunami on 11 March 2011 badly. Many people moved to Matsushima after the tragic event. I’ve heard the locals talked about it while they cooked the oysters. It is hard for people affected by the disaster to re-build their lives, but I see they are taking mighty steps!

It was a wonderful trip to Matsushima! It is not even that far from Tokyo, so if you visit Tokyo, why not taking a day or two going to Matsushima...especially if you are oyster lover, you’ll LOVE it!!

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Written by TABIZU

I love to go on a trip each season, to stroll markets for finding dainty foods, and to soak in a hot spring more than anything.