[Hotel Review] Full Of Genuine Hospitality! Matsushima Century Hotel

This is a reviewing article of Matsushima Century Hotel in Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture! The facility is newer and each staff welcomes you with warm hospitality!

Hi! I am here in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture! (Please see here for my all-you-can-eat oyster experiene!)

I took an express bus from Tokyo to Sendai instead of taking Shinkansen (bullet train) to make the trip low cost, which took me 6 hours (!!). However, I wanted to stay a good quality hotel...so I booked Matsushima Century Hotel which has open-air Onsen (hot spring)!!

Matsushima Century Hotel

The Room (Japanese Style)

It is very spacious (about 23㎡...?) and is having a couch and a chair. It is more than enough for two people! The bathroom is equipped but not so big, but it is clean and tidy! I can’t believe I’ve got such a nice room with such inexpensive cost!

When you stay in typical Japanese traditional hotel, the staff comes to your room and makes bed for you while you are having dinner. In this hotel, the staff comes to make bed on requested time. I had dinner in the restaurant, so I asked them to make beds while we are out.

As I mentioned, the room is spaaaacious! It still has enough space after the beds are made.

There are some pouches (you can put your belongings in there), towels, and Japanese socks called Tabi.

The View From The Room

The room is facing the oecan!!

When I arrived, it was after 5pm so it was completely dark, but look what I see in the morning! I took this picture at 6:30am. What a peaceful and superb view…!

It is such a luxurious view! Sun rises above the horizon...such a luxurious view!! I can tell it is going to be a good day!

I am guessing there’s a pool...

there’s some chairs and table in the valcony. Having drinks, tea, or coffee in the valcony sounds nice, right?

The fridge has drinks in. Please be careful, once you pulled the drink, it charges you. I saw some guests put their drinks on the table in the valcony to cool it down. Well, it is cold in this time of the year, so the drinks must get cold in the outside!


There are a Karaoke Bar called Blue Light, a massage/esthetic booth, and a play room for kids and a ping-pong table in the facility.

This is a souvenir shop! I don’t plan buying anything….but it is fun to browse around :)

This sweets are made to cheer up Tohoku region where was hit by the great earthquake and Tsunami on 11 March 2011. The proceeds will be donated to Tsunami and earthauake devastated areas.

Hagi No Tsuki is the most famous sweets in Sendai, and this egg-shaped sweets is called Kamome No Tamago (seagull’s egg) which is famous in Iwate Prefecture. The prefecture is right next to Miyagi. It is a cake which has sweet white bean paste in it and covered with white chocolate. This is OH so good!

Onsen Time!

I couldn’t take pictures of Onsen (hot spring) facility, but let me tell you something about it:

Matsushima Onsen’s spring water is known for making your skin silky smooth. The texture of the water is thick and smooth. It must be good! Also it has other positive effects! This Onsen is good for your pain such as nerves, muscles, joints, bruises, and/or sprain, digestive disorders, hemorrhoid, cold, and so on. Getting silky smooth skin and soothe your body? Who doesn’t love this wonderful Onsen!

The inside bath water may be a bit too hot to some people, but open-air bath has water with moderate temperature. I stayed in the open air bath long time, but I didn’t get dizzy ;)

Shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, face wash, lotion, and body cream are equipped as well. If you don’t have any specific preference, you don’t need to bring these things from home! Oh, and did I mention the bath house has massagers available for free? Yeah, awesome, right?

Breakfast At Matsushima Century Hotel

Let me show you the breakfast I’ve got in the hotel!

I came to have breakfast...but I was going to Kaki-goya for all-you-can-eat oysters which is my biggest event in this trip on this day… I tried not to eat too much here….but there were so many kinds of good food waiting for me…!

A Breakfast Venue

These rubber bands are for Yukata. Yukata sleeves may bother you while eating food, so you can use these to tie the sleeves. This is a small thing, but it is very thoughtful!

Breakfast Menu

The venue offers buffet style breakfast. Get what you want!

Grilled salmon, Kiriboshi Daikon (thinly sliced and dried radish), and simmered vegitables.

Here’s cod’s and salmon roe!

Round shaped and seasoned konjacs!

This is finely grated yam mixed with Dashi (soup stock).

The chefs are making Atsuyaki Tamago (Japanese thick omelette). You will love the fluffy and flavourful omelette!

Freshly cooked omelette...Mmm it is SO tasty!!

There are some western style breakfast menu available as well. This is French toasts.

Sliced bread and rolls...

Of course there are some desserts, too!

Freshly squeezed tomato juice, milk, coffee, etc…

This is what I got! Again, I tried not to eat a lot...well, I did!

I got small amount of rice in my bowl, but it was very hard not to get some more rice (most things on my plate goes awesomely good with rice…)!! Whew, I did good job controlling my appetite!


To be honest, I came to Matsushima just to have oysters, so my expectation on everything else was pretty low. However, there are some fun activities going on around the hotel, the staff in the hotel is so wonderful, and I felt warm welcoming mood in entire accommodation!

The hotel and its staff made my trip fabulous!

I’d love to come back to the hotel to see around again and take some time in the valcony to see sunrise/sunset…

If you are looking for the accommodation facility in the area, I recommend you Matsushima Century Hotel for sure!

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Written by TABIZU

I love to go on a trip each season, to stroll markets for finding dainty foods, and to soak in a hot spring more than anything.