For Bright And Shiny Eyes...Try This Eye Drops: Sante Beauteye!

Santen Phermaceutical is known for its eye drop products. This atricle introduces its eye drops called Sante Beauteye which helps you to care for your eyes!

Japanese eye drop products are popular as souvenir to Taiwanese and Chinese tourists lately. We will introduce a very pretty looking and highly effective eye drops today. I am pretty sure you’ll love it!

Product Detail

Company: Santen Phermaceutical Co., Ltd.
Price (12ml): ¥1,500 (excluding tax)
Release Date: 13 May 2013

About Sante Beauteye

I’ve been interested in Sante Beauteye for a while, so now I am trying it!

Eye Aging

This eye drops focuses attention on eye aging. I’ve been interested in this product...but to be honest, I thought it was expensive as eye drops. What changed my mind to buy is that there’s no other products focusing on eye aging. Of course there are many cosmetic products making your eyes fabulous and eye care products such as supplements and OTC medicine, but I decided to try this out for daily eye care.

Eyes are aging just like the other parts of your body, and I feel my eyes easily get tired by age...

Sante Beauteye encourages your eyes’ turnover, protects your cornea and keep it moist. It also contains vitamin B12 which relieves eyestrain.

A Super Cute Bottle And It’s Functional!

Look at the pretty looking bottle! Looks like a perfume, doesn’t it?

Believe it or not, this pink colored eye drops is lightly rose scented!

The nozzle is smaller than the most eye drop products and its thin texture is easy to be released into your eyes. It is pretty looking and easy to apply.

This pretty looking eye drops is designed so well!

Pleasant Cooling Sensation

Sante Beauteye has some cooling sensation. It is level 3 (the company has its own measurement from 0-5 of cooling sensation levels). It is common cooling sensation level in Santen Pharmaceutical’s eye drop products.

I am personally not a fan of the sensation, so it is a little too much for me...but it is not too bad.


I am not sure about its anti aging effect, to be honest…

However, I can tell it is highly effective to keep my eyes moist and relieve my eyestrain!

Of course, the beautifully designed bottle attracts girls’ eyes as well.

One thing I am a bit disappointed at this product is… it is not suitable when you are wearing soft contact lenses. However, you can apply it while you are wearing hard lenses. I apply the eye drops when I am not wearing soft lenses before bed.

If you are interested, please find it at the drugstores in Japan!

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Written by MIKI

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