Get To Know SPRING In Japan Before You Come!

Let us introduce you how Japan looks like in spring, weather, temperature, and other useful information!

Are you planning to visit Japan in the Spring for sightseeing? We encourage you to enjoy Japan’s beautiful spring with its signature tree, the Sakura (cherry blossom). The information below is useful for learning about the proper attire for this time of year, weather conditions, and other things you should know. Also, we’ll go into how to enjoy an Ohanami (cerry blossom viewing party) and its quirks.

We consider Spring as the season running from March to May. There are some events, holidays, and festivals going on during this time as well. Click below for specific information on March, April, and May.

What is March like in Japan? Let’s go see the cherry blossoms and feel the arrival of spring

What is April like in Japan? Come join Hanamis and Cherry Blossom Festivals!

⇒May is coming soon! : What is May like in Japan? Check out the holidays and festivals during Golden Week!

Climate And Proper Attire In Spring

After a long and cold winter, the weather warms up little by little, and everyone and everything start getting excited for the upcoming spring!

However, in northern Japan such as the Hokkaido and Tohoku regions, it’s likely there will still some snow remain on the street. People are still wrapped up in thick jackets in early March even in Tokyo, Osaka, and most other regions. In late March, Sakuras starts blooming and you may feel warm air touching your cheeks in Kanto, Kansai, and other southern regions.

You’ll probably also experience Haru-Ichiban (literally means the first spring) which is very hard wind. This particularly hard wind is known as the sign of spring coming to Japan. Sadly, this wind is also one of the reasons for the Sakura’s temporary nature.

In April, you may not need a thick jacket during the daytime, but it gets cold at night. This difference in temperature causes many people to catch a cold.

By early April, the Sakura bloom is has run its course in southern Japan, including Kanto region, but the beautiful blossom continues travelling north day by day.

In May, you feel sweat on your body sometimes, feeling summer is coming soon. If you are looking for Sakura in May, Hokkaido and Tohoku (northern parts of Japan), or mountainous places with high altitude are the only locations left.

Avarage Temparature In Spring

Average Highest Lowest
Hokkaido(Sapporo) -4.0℃(25℉) 7.1℃(45℉) 12.4℃(54℉)
Tokyo 8.7℃(48℉) 13.9℃(57℉) 18.2℃(65℉)
Nagoya 8.7℃(48℉) 14.4℃(58℉) 18.9℃(66℉)
Kyoto 8.4℃(47℉) 14.2℃(58℉) 19℃(66℉)
Osaka 9.4℃(49℉) 15.1℃(59℉) 19.7℃(67℉)
Hiroshima 9.1℃(48℉) 14.7℃(58℉) 19.3℃(67℉)
Fukuoka 10.4℃(51℉) 15.1℃(59℉) 19.4℃(67℉)
Okinawa(Naha) 18.9℃(66℉) 21.4℃(71℉) 24℃(75℉)

Holidays In Spring

Many holidays are lined up in the Spring. Golden Week, one of the longest and most popular weeks of the year, starts from 29 April to 5 May. Weekdays between these days are often considered holiday(s) and most people take of from work as well.

Date Name and Remarks
Usually March 20th-21st Shunbun No Hi (Spring Equinox Celebration Day)
This date depends on the calender and astronomical measurements. It falls on 21 March (Saturday)in 2016.
April 29th Showa No Hi
This holiday is meant to reflect on the events of Showa era (1926-1989) and to honor to the people who rebuilt Japan in post war time.
May 3rd Kenpo Kinenbi (Constitution Memorial Day)
This commemorates the day in 1948 when Japan’s new postwar constitution took effect.
May 4th Midori No Hi (Greenery Day)
This day is set aside to commune with nature and be grateful for the blessings from it.
May 5th Kodomo No Hi (Children’s Day)
This day celebrates children’s personalities and prays for their life-long happiness. It often marks the end of Golden Week.

Sightseeing In Spring

1) Ohanami

Ohanami is the thing people enjoy the most in this time of a year.

Many food stands are available at key landmarks and popular viewing locations to see Sakura. Enjoy your food and drinks under beautifully bloomed Sakura!

People gather under the trees with their favorite food and drinks, having a party! That is the Japanese way to enjoy Sakura in this season.

Note- alcohol beverages are prohibited in some sights (e.g., Shinjuku Gyoen in Tokyo).

Sakuras are beautiful under the sun, but seeing them reflected on the river at night is even more fantastic!

(The picture above is taken near the Meguro River. The Meguro River Sakura Festival is one of the most popular festivals in the spring.)

If you go to see some Japanese castles during this time of a year, you may see the Sakura and castle’s wonderful collaboration!

The castle and Sakura is not the only option, but many other things you can see with Sakura are so entertaining!

2) Field Of Flowers

Sakura is a world famous Japanese symbol, but it isn’t only thing to enjoy in this season. In April to May, many flowers are blooming in the fields!

Ashikaga Flower Garden is one of the hottest places to visit to see flowers. CNN, the American broadcast company, selected this park as one of the dream destinations for 2014. It says the park’s 143 year old wisteria is a close inspiration to the spiritual tree of souls in the movie Avatar.

To the park, it taks about 2 hours by train or bus ride from central Tokyo, making Ashikaga Flower Garden popular as well.

Ibaraki Prefecture is just next to Tokyo and contains Hitachi Kaihin National Park. This spacious park has wonderful flower fields where you can enjoy colorful and beautiful flowers from April to May.

Beautiful Nemophila, as known as baby blue eyes, is breathtaking!

So...did we give you some ideas about spring in Japan?

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