Tummy Yummy SPRING FOOD In Japan!

Looking for some good seasonal Japanese food during your visit in the spring? Here are our recommendations to eat! Vegetables, fruits (specifically strawberry), and fish...let’s take a look!

We live in the 21st century and any food you want seems easy to get from anywhere at anytime, but if you eat seasonal foods, you’ll find an exceptional variety in each season teamed with enhanced flavors from that produce. In spring, we have especially good food to share with visitors to Japan.

1) Spring Vegetables

Spring is the time for vegetables! Eat them fresh, grilled, or Tempura...you will see many vegetables on the menu in restaurants during the spring.

Sansai, or moutain vegetables, are popular as Tempura ingredients. They often have a strong flavor, but Sansai is loved especially by people who adore Sake.

2) Strawberry

Strawberry is in season between winter and spring in Japan. People say strawberry in greenhouses gets sweetest in this season, so many farmers open their greenhouse to public for strawberry picking.

Strawberry farmers put so much effort into breed improvement. You will be surprised by its sweetness in your mouth! Gunma and Tochigi prefectures where many farmers are is easy to get to from central Tokyo. Hokkaido is far from Tokyo but it has Yamamoto Kanko Kajuen and other places where you can enjoy strawberries while you are there.

3) Tai (Red Sea Bream)

Tai means good luck in Japanese culture. This ordinary, but rich tasting beautiful fish is in season in spring!

It can be eaten fresh (Sashimi), simply grilled with salt, Ochazuke (rice, other ingredients and tea poured on it), etc. Tai-chazuke is one of Ochazukes that is prepared with Tai sashimi on top of rice with Dashi (fish stock-especially made of Tai fish in this case) poured on top of it.

Gransta Dining in Tokyo Station is one of the places where you can enjoy it if you want to try! It can be your great food experience in Japan.

Well...if you are not comfortable eating raw fish, how about Taiyaki? Taiyaki is not even a fish! It is a fish-shaped cake filled with sweet red bean paste, custard cream, or other fillings. These yummy sweets will be your best friend while in your Ohanami (cherry blossom viewing party)!

4) Ika (Squid)

You won’t have a hard time finding good and fresh squid in Japan, but they get sweeter in the spring time. Ika-Sashi (squid sashimi) is the way to enjoy its unique chewy texture and sweetness of its meat. Not much fishy smell in this clear colored fish, so try some!

Hakodate in Hokkaido and Yobuko in Saga Prefecture in the Kyushu region are famous for Ika-Sashi.

Also Hotaru-Ika (firefly squid) is very popular as Otsumami (snack with drinks). Sashimi, saute, or boiled in soy sauce… It may have a somewhat shocking appearance at first, but it has a very rich taste.

5) Magaki (Pacific Oyster)

Do you think Oysters are not so popular in Japan? Well actually there are many places where you can get high quality oysters such as Hiroshima and Hokkaido.

Magaki and Iwagaki (Japanese oyster) are popular oysters in Japan; Magaki is in season in late winter to spring whle Iwagaki is in season throughout the summer.

In these times of year, oysters get bigger and oh so delicious!

Grilled or steamed...as you wish!

There are many restaurants offering oysters in an all-you-can-eat style, so try some great oysters in the spring!

Do we make you drool and hungry? Plan your trip to visit Japan in the spring!

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