Review: Keio Presso Inn Kayabacho In Nihonbashi, Tokyo

Looking for a place to stay in Japan? Keio Presso Inn Kayabacho where I stayed was marvelous! Let me share my experience with you!

Hello friends!

I took some days off and stayed in Tokyo. I found a place to sleep called Keio Presso Inn Kayabacho in Nihonbashi. I booked via Jaran (the Japanese travel website) with a great deal!

Unbelievable! Staying In Tokyo At Such Low Cost...And Locations Is Just Perfect!

I stayed in this inn with only 5,100 yen/per night...which comes with breakfast! I wonder if they know they do business in T-O-K-Y-O! Unbelievably cheap!

Kayabacho is very close to the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It is very much business oriented neighborhood just like Wall Street in NYC. The inn is only a minute away from Touzai and Hibiya Lines in Tokyo Metro.

Also, it is easy to access from Tokyo Station. You can walk from there if you like. If your reason to visit Tokyo is for your business, staying in this inn could be an excellent choice.

Take A Look Inside Of The Facility

This is a lobby.

There is a PC booth available in the area, so you can get the latest information of the places you plan on going.

I arrived a bit early, so I waited in here until my room was ready for about 10 minutes.

Oh, and let me tell you before I forget...a convenience store called Family Mart is attached in the building! It is open all day and everyday!

Okay, here is how my room looked like...

It was not a big room that you could hold a party or anything, but it is comfortable enough for myself… You may see much smaller hotel rooms in Japan.

For me as a Japanese, this is actually a good size, but if you are coming from overseas, the room may be too small...well, if you come to Japan to experience something “Japanese,” staying in a small room could be one of your unforgettable memories in Japan… (hopefully! lol)

This is how my bed looked like.

Neatly made and comfortable! I had a good night sleep on it.

Bathroom was also small, but very clean!

I checked in right after the room was ready, but there was no smell of chemicals and no damp left in the bathroom. I had very nice bath time :)

Do not expect a good view from the window, though...

Well, if you want to see something great, you would like to step out from the inn and see...

Just remember, you are in Tokyo...

As I mentioned above, 5,100 yen fare is not only for the comfortable room but breakfast included!

Get Breakfast And Ready For Your Adventure!

I was excited about their breakfast!

There were no food vouchers or anything, I just went to the caferteria in the morning.

This was the view from the cafeteria. Not bad, right?

It is good to see clear sky in the morning anyway.

I picked some bread, salad, and orange juice.

I chose a plain croissant and a danish pastry with sweet red bean paste inside.

I enjoyed these freshly made bread so much.

It wasn’t big breakfast, but this was perfect to start my day.

The crunchy pastry was….oh so good...

How do you think of Keio Presso Inn Kayabacho? It was definitely more than I expected!

I strongly recommend this inn to anyone looking for a place to stay in Tokyo!

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Written by 若おっさん(Waka Ossan)

I'm living in Osaka and be willing to introduce a lot gourmet information of various places in Kansai area(Osaka, Kyoto, Wakayama, Shiga...), especially attractive for middle-aged man!