Fluffy Pancakes At "Bills" In Omotesando! The World’s Best Breakfast From Sydney

I went to eat breakfast at a restaurant named Bills, that is known in many countries for their fluffy pancakes. We introduce Bills in Omotesando in this article.

I went to Omotesando from early morning with still sleepy eyes today!

I arrived at about 8am, but there was already a line of more than 70 people!

Yes, I came to Bills for breakfast, well known for the world’s best breakfast.

What is Bills?

I’m sure that some of you may already know, but Bills is an Australian casual-dining restaurant, known for serving the world’s best breakfast. They are loved by celebrities all over the world, such as Sydney, London and Seoul.

It has become a major hit ever since it came to Japan, and they have it in Shichirigahama, Yokohama Akarenga, Odaiba and now in Omotesando, the fourth place to be opened. It is on the seventh floor of Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku.

I haven’t had the chance to go, and today I finally went with two of my friends. I was amazed.

It’s a national holiday called Children’s Day (a day to pray for children’s health) and 8 in the morning. People should take their kids to play someplace else!

Finally at Bills in Omotesando!

We lined up at 8am, and got our name listed in the waiting list. They told us to come to the stairs on the 7th floor at 9:30.

I still wasn’t able to see the restaurant itself yet at this time, and was in front of the elevator that leads us to Bills, on the Meiji Street.

We killed time at a nearby Starbucks, had fun talking with my friends, and finally it was a little bit before 9:30. And we headed to Bills!

I ordered ricotta pancakes and champagne. The other two ordered Organic Scrambled Eggs, champagne and smoothies.

Look at this fluffiness!

Alright. The pancakes. I first took a bite without any maple syrup. It’s fluffy as it looks like! But the taste is a little too light?

And now with maple syrup...delicious.

I tried the scrambled eggs too but they were also fluffy! You can’t really tell from the photo, but there are bananas hidden behind the pancakes.

They come in large amounts, by the way. You might want to share it with another person.

Me? Well of course I ate it all alone, do you have something to say to that? lol

We drank coffee after the meal, talked about some other things and people we had in commo, and it was already 11am.

My friend told me it was her treat for both Starbucks and Bills...thank you so much! (I just love everyone who gives me food lol)

I want to try their lunch and dinner next time!

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Written by Tomoko"Nick"

In 1980, I was born and raised in Tokyo. I work as a web marketer, a blogger(established in 2004) and a career counselor. I'm looking for the best meat dishes and restaurants in Tokyo at all times! That's why my friends call me "Nick" that sounds same as "meat " in Japanese.