A trip to Miyama, a town in Kyoto with old houses with thatched roofs

This is an article about a trip to an area called Miyama, which is an hour away from the city of Kyoto. You can see traditional Japanese-style houses (like the famous Shirakawago) here, and are able to experience the Japanese countryside life.

This May, I went to Miyama in Kyoto in the season of the fresh green leaves.

Miyama is designated as a national important preservation district of historic buildings, because of that, there are a lot of thatched roof houses in the village. Thatched roof was the traditional style of Japanese houses in rural area.

Shirakawago is quite famous internationally as it was resisted as Unesco World Heritage. It is impressive that we can see thatched roof houses not only in Shirakawago!

How to get to Miyama

To get to Miyama, you’ll take Shinkansen (bullet train) to Kyoto.

From Kyoto station, change to Sanin (Sagano) line and take a train to Sonobe station. It’ll take an hour or so.

The picture is Umahori station.
It’s so peaceful.

On the way to Sonobe, you’ll pass Arashiyama and Hodogawa.

Arashiyama is the famous sightseeing spot especially during the spring (Sakura) and Autumn.

When you arrive at Sonobe, this time, you’ll get on the bus call minamishiei bus. Again it’ll take about an hour.

On the way to Kyoto, I purchased a book call “Seiro no Umi(The clockwork current)” of Soji Shimada’s on Kindle. I enjoyed a lot and it was a good choice as I never got board during the long journey.

Actually “Seiro no Umi” was the story of Tomo city at Setonaikai (the model village of Ponyo) so, it was a bit strange feeling that I’m traveling in Kyoto but my mind was in Tomo.

Well, after a long way up on the mountain road, I arrived at “Kayabuki no Sato”.

“Kayabuki no Sato” the beautiful touched roof village!

This is the picture of the village. The village is just located just beside the national high way and there is a little drive-in market where they sell local souvenirs.

It’s really quiet and peaceful. On the right hand side is a souvenir shop.

The other side of the village.

The village was on the post office TV commercial for the New Year’s cards, so some people might feel familiar with the picture.

They actually didn’t try to keep thatched roof until recently and istead, a modern roofing materials were commonly used. But they decided to keep thatched roof about 15 years ago.

Not only about thatched roof! There are full of green.

The fresh green was twinkling everywhere!!

I found a lot of persimmon and Japanese pepper tree, it is unique to Kyoto.

A lot of slopes on the way. Whew….

The village has a lot of accommodation like B&B, motel, camping cite and spa. It’s worth to stay overnight.

Nostalgic British style postbox.

Scenic view!!

It was really sunny and hot day.

I can’t stop myself for having a delicious deserts! Black beans Gelato, Free ranged egg’s pudding and homemade ginger ale! Don’t say I’m too greedy!!

Wherever you see, it’s like a scene of the fairytales. Full of flowers and fresh verdure.

Of course temples and shrines are wonderful to visit but there are more in Kyoto!

When you visit Miyama, you can experience different aspects of traditional Japanese which is totally different from Kyoto city. I really recommend Miyama for who would like to experience pure Japanese beautiful scenery.

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Written by kussy

I have worked in Tokyo for more than ten years. I live in Shanghai from the summer of 2015.