Grilled Chicken Lunch At A Restaurant “Sancho” in Kawaramachi, Kyoto

There is a salad restaurant in Chukyo-ku, Kyoto, that is famous for organic and additive-free salad, named Sancho Kawaramachi. I had the grilled chicken and salad set. It is a local, cheap place to eat with good food.

Hi, this is KOKORO MOYOU from Kyoto.

In my last article “Delicious And Yet Reasonable Lunch At Salad Shop Sancho In Kyoto", I had the teriyaki steak and croquette lunch, but I visited Sancho again, and this time I had grilled chicken.

A salad restaurant, Sancho

This is the second time to introduce this restaurant, but here it is again. Sancho was opened in 1972 and has been making salads with organic and additive-free vegetables and ingredients. They are famous for fresh, massive salads.

This is Sancho Kawaramachi Honten in Chukyo-ku, Kyoto city.

I visited and took pictures on October 29th, 2015.

This is their menu. There's more.

On the grilled chicken menu, there's "Grilled Chicken and Salad", "Chicken sautéed in cream and soy sauce, and salad", and "Shiso flavored chicken cutlet and salad".

There are also shrimp fries, croquettes, etc.

They are all around 1000 yen.

Ordered grilled chicken for lunch!

This time, I ordered the grilled chicken and salad (1,030 yen + tax).

I waited a while and here they came!

Looks good! The skin looks crispy and juicy.

And then there's plenty of salad.

The flavoring is just right. It's mild with a bit of spice.

You'll be crazy over this salad.

I'm gonna eat the vegetables and chicken back and forth...yum!

The chicken is flavored mostly with salt. It's very juicy.

I ate them all with joy. I'm definitely coming here again.

Most restaurants close after lunchtime (from about 11:00-15:00), but Sancho is open even after lunch. It's great that it's open at 3 or 4pm. Probably for many tourists too.

Japanese food is great, but local places like this is highly recommended. Please check this place out if you're hungry for lunch.

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