SUPER DRY poured in different techniques at Brasserie Beer Blvd. in Shimbashi!

I went to a bar/restaurant called Brasserie Beer Blvd. in ‘Shimbashi’ near Ginza. There, I enjoyed Super Dry, one of the most popular beers in Japan.

As the title says, I had beer called Super Dry at Brasserie Beer Blvd. in Shimbashi. People say that beer could taste totally different depending on its pouring techniques, but in reality, there aren’t many opportunities to see and taste the differences. This place actually gives you such opportunities to experience the beer poured in different techniques.


What’s Shimbashi like?

The area Shimbashi is located right next to Ginza, and it is well known as ‘a downtown for drunk Salaryman; Japanese office workers’. There are affordable bars everywhere, which attract many Salaryman for drinks after a long day in an office around Ginza or Tokyo Station. They often come here to de-stress and get drunk until they pass out. So, if you’d like to experience Japan’s drinking culture and spot drunk people, this would be the best place.


Asahi Super Dry is one of the best-selling beers from ‘Asahi Breweries’, the leading brewery in Japan. It is one of Japan’s most acclaimed beers for its crisp and refreshing aftertaste.

I went to Brasserie Beer Blvd.!

About this bar/restaurant

This is the entrance to Brasserie Beer Blvd. The owner, Mr. Sato, preciously worked for the famous beer bar ‘Dry Dock’ in the same Shimbashi and became independent since then.

It’s not very close to Shimbashi Station, and the fact that it’s located upstairs might be harder to find the place if you’re visiting there for the first time.

Choosing a pouring technique for your beer!? ASAHI SUPER DRY

When you visit here, make sure you order Super Dry as mentioned above.

Surprisingly, you can choose a pouring technique out of three different options.

First, I had Super Dry with the basic ‘sharp pouring technique’.

This basic technique maintains fizziness in the beer and it surely goes down well.

It gives me a crisp and refreshing aftertaste. It’s classic Super Dry.

Next, the beer was poured with the ‘Sato pouring technique’, named after the owner, Mr. Sato.

This is not as fizzy as the one with the ‘sharp pouring technique’. The head was softer and milder in my mouth.

So, if you are after the classic fizziness and crispness in your beer, then go for the sharp pouring technique. However if you’d like to enjoy the beer taste itself, I’d recommend going for the Sato pouring technique. Another option that I didn’t try this time would be a technique to enhance the beer flavor more by reducing its fizziness to less than that of Sato pouring technique.

We’re talking about the same beer here, but it was so interesting and new to me to experience the differences between these two pouring techniques. It was great.

Food from Brasserie Beer Blvd.

This place serves nice food as well.

I began with some nibbles including crackers and nuts.

I ordered those to kill some time until my friend showed up. It was delicious with lots of walnuts.

A typical bar/restaurant dish-Japanese Potato Salad! It had a slight twist of smokiness in it.

Bagna Cauda

I even had a good thick slice of homemade ham steak…

Drink more and more beer!

There are more options for beer from Asahi Breweries other than Super Dry, such as Dry Premium and Dry Black. I hope that you don’t get satisfied just with Super Dry, but I totally recommend Dry Premium, too!

Bass Pale Ale is awesome drinking here, too. This is a popular British beer imported by Asahi.

It is truly tasty to drink Bass Pale Ale at a proper beer bar like Dry Dock as mentioned earlier.

Of course, you can order craft beers here as well.

I finished the night with IPA (India Pale Ale) by Stone Brewing from the U.S. I loved its hoppy flavor...


I normally find craft beers delicious and just love drinking those, but the beers from leading breweries genuinely tasted nice there. It becomes clear when you try at Brasserie Beer Blvd.

I especially recommend this place to someone who would like to enjoy typical Japanese beer while visiting Japan.

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Written by gou

I always drink Beer here and there, not only inside but also outside. So these are records I've drunk nice beers.