5 Recommended Restaurants For Breakfast at 7am in Tokyo

Most restaurants open at 10am or 11am in Japan, but this article introduces some cafes/restaurants in Toyo that open at 7am for serving breakfast.

Good morning everyone it’s 7am! Today, I’m going to show you some breakfast place in Tokyo.

Tokyo is 24/7 city and there are tons of restaurants but most of them won’t open early in the morning. But I found some good places where you can have a delicious breakfast! Now let’s take a look!

“eggcelent” supreme egg breakfast restaurant in Roppongi

The restaurant is in the popular tourist spot Roppongi hills.

Lovely entrance with egg shape!

Their sales appeal is of course eggs, you can see from the name “excellent egg”!!.

I recommend this Toast set with avocado. You’ll get a half of fresh avocado and creamy scramble eggs. Goes really well with a toast!

Eggs Benedict!

A Fruit granola with yogurt.

“PUBLIC HOUSE” cozy café with FREE wi-fi in Shibuya!

Next place is “PUBLIC HOUSE” where you can find easily at Shibuya station which connects direct from Shinminamiguchi (new south exit).

Shinminamiguchi is close to the platform where you can get on Narita express. I think it’s an ideal café to pop in for a breakfast while you are waiting for your express.

Surprisingly, you can have a buffet breakfast for only ¥800.

They provide Japanese breakfast, omelettes, hams and breads. What a wide selection.

The best breakfast is Beef Curry! Topping Beef Curry on the rice with a soft boiled egg, it’s a gorgeous breakfast!

Wonderful breakfast with puffy French toast in Shinjyuku!

Next is “CAFÉ AALIYA” in Shinjyuku.

The café is located in Sanchome intersection. So, go down a retro stare case then you’ll find a spacious café underneath.

This café is very famous for the great French toast restaurant in Tokyo!

This is a cranberry French toast. You can add some pear compotes and cream cheese if you wish.

Sushi breakfast at Tokyo station “Tsukiji Sushi Sei”

Tokyo station is the hub for the tourist and the people who are getting on Shinkansen.

Here you can find a Sushi breakfast in Shin-Marunouchi building at “Tsukiji Sushi Sei”. The restaurant is quite well known.

Of course you can have Sushi, but there are more like Sashimi set meal or Chirashi Sushi (scattered sushi) set.

A bowl of rice with Maguro(Maguro don) and a pork soup set is great too. A pork soup is a gorgeous miso soup with a lot of vegetables and pork. It may not know in abroad but it is very common in Japan.

Let’s have pancakes at IVY PLACE, which is a stylish terrace restaurant in Daikanyama Tsutaya

The last place is a modern café IVY PLACE in Daikanyama Tsutaya.

A lovely terrace in the garden is so tranquil which makes you forget this is in Tokyo. During the day, it’s difficult to get a seat but in the morning it’s not so bad.

What I recommend here is classic butter milk pancakes! It’s the richest pancakes with a lot of fruits and fresh cream, then finish with some maple syrup on top.

After the breakfast, let’s go out for a walk in Daikanyama Tsutaya book store next to it.

Starting your day with a relaxing breakfast, a little treat apart from your daily life, I’m sure you’ll have a great day.

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Written by Nekko

I recently got married and I’m currently living in Tokyo. I will write about cheap shopping, and tips about fashion and lifestyle.