Popular Sushi-Go-Round Restaurant Sushiro Has More Than Sushi!

Sushiro is one of the most popular Sushi-Go-Round restaurants in Japan. They offer inexpensive Sushi, but they’re much more than that… This is about me and my family’s experience eating Sushi and Ramen at Sushiro!

Hi there! It’s me, Waka Ossan! Today, I want to share my experience at Sushiro, the Japanese chain Sushi-Go-Round restaurant in Tenri-City, Nara Prefecture.

If you want casual Sushi for lunch or dinner with your family, Sushiro is the best option! I strongly believe that everyone who grew up in the Kansai region has had memories of Sushiro (they started their business in Osaka)...but recently I’ve heard Sushiro has expanded their business to the Kanto region...no wonder on that… Sushiro has offered tasty Sushi at inexpensive cost for years! I wish their business would expand even further.

Ramen At A Sushi Restaurant? Yes You Can At Sushiro!

Once we are seated in any Sushi restaurant, we order soup first; it is like our family tradition.

My wife ordered Akadashi (Miso soup with strong flavoured Miso- Kansai locals’ favourite Miso paste), but I ordered Shoyu Ramen (noodle in soy sauce based soup) which is one of Sushiro’s recent recommended Ramen in their ads. Again, we were at a Sushi restaurant, not a Ramen restaurant… I guess Sushiro wants to show you (especially if you are from overseas) all famous Japanese dishes at once...hahaha

Here is my wife’s Akadashi… It is a very good match with Sushi!

They used fish stock as a key ingredient in the soup, but she said it wasn’t fishy but very flavorful.

And...Ta-Da! This is what I ordered… Shoyu Ramen!

It had a lot of shredded green onion on top… Mmm...Looking good…!

I could tell that noodle was cooked in boiled water for just the right amount of time!

Also, fried green onion adds savoury flavors to the bowl. if anyone said it is delivered from a Ramen restaurant, I would believe it.

It’s SUSHIro, Of Course Have Some Sushi!

Whew...after tasty Ramen, it is Sushi time!

The picture below is called Hamachi (yellowtail). One of my favourite Sushi toppings!

Can you believe it is only 100 yen?

Here are the two options for your salmon.

They have plain salmon and salmon topped with onion and mayonnaise. They were both good!

And these two are Shirako (cod milt, pictured left) and Ankimo (monkfish liver, pictured right).

They were also 100 yen each...but I had my doubts on whether or not they were “authentic” toppings… I mean, they were too cheap to be real. Maybe they used substitutes…

What should have been a rich flavor just didn’t quite have that taste.

A tuna plate is also 100 yen!

I couldn’t believe it was also only 100 yen...It was very tasty! I enjoyed its red fish meat very much.

Next round here we come! Tara Mayo (cod roe and mayonnaise, pictured bottom left), Tobiko (flying fish roe, bottom right), Kani Mayo Gunkan Maki (crab meat mixed with mayonnaise), and squid.

Fish roes are generally purine-rich foods which cause gout...but who can avoid them if you know it tastes great!? No wonder Japan has so many gout patients!

Natto (fermented soy beans) is… a very unique food in Japan. It is not only for Sushi topping, but also on top of plain white rice as well. Again, it has a very unique taste, texture, and smell. If you want to try it out...I will not stop you.

I liked salmon with onion and mayonnaise very much… and ordered it again :)

We were 2 adults and 2 children, ate until we were full...but it was only 2,440 yen for all of us! Dang Sushiro, you are almost too kind to my wallet…which is great, of course!

As I mentioned above, Sushiro is a chain restaurant, so you may find one wherever you are in Japan. I can’t think of another place that can beat Sushiro’s cost-effectiveness!

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Written by 若おっさん(Waka Ossan)

I'm living in Osaka and be willing to introduce a lot gourmet information of various places in Kansai area(Osaka, Kyoto, Wakayama, Shiga...), especially attractive for middle-aged man!