Dicisions, Dicisions...Pick From Many! Enjoy Choosing Souvenir In Tokyo!

Getting souvenir for your loved ones is a pure fun, isn’t it? This article picked 4 recommended souvenirs that will help you to choose some from bunch of kinds of souvenirs in Tokyo!

Hi everyone! I am an Osaka native, but I will introduce some souvenirs you can get in Tokyo that I enjoyed very much from friends and I bought for myself.

Selection 1: Basic But Loved Long Time...Tokyo Banana

I picked Tokyo Banana at Tokyo Station for my family waiting for me in Osaka before I jumped in the Shinkansen (a bullet train) to go back home.

This banana flavoured and shaped cake is the best known souvenir in Tokyo for long time. As an Osaka native, I can say this is only souvenir that every person in Osaka knows...

It was 1,029 yen for 8 in a box.

Not bad at all as souvenir...I guess.

Open sesame! ……..TA-DA!

This is how it looks. It is individually packaged, so this also can be a good choice for your coworkers at work.

Spongy cake having banana flavoured custard inside…

Very moist and heavier than it looks!

This is inside of Tokyo Banana. Look how much custard it has!

It smells great, too! Very sweet and rich banana flavour comes from it. Oh this is wonderful.

Well, there’s no boubt this is loved for so long.


Selection 2: Sugar Butter Tree From Gin No Budou

Another souvenir I picked at the station was called Sugar Butter Tree in Gin No Budou.

It looked familier to me though… Oh, I remember Hankyu Umeda in Osaka has a shop selling it as well..

It was 1,029 yen for 14 in a box.

Now I wonder all souvenirs in Tokyo costs all the same…? haha just kidding!

This is how it looks in the box.

This is also individually packaged.

Okay, let’s see how it tastes… It is very light, like a feather!

Oh...this sugary, crunchy, and butter flavoured confection makes me so happy!

The crunchy parts sandwich white chocolate between, nothing is too sweet but rich. It is the best friend of your cup of coffee, I bet! :)

I bought it as souvenir from Tokyo, but I want to have it regurarly as afternoon treats with coffee or tea!

Selection 3: Tokyo Rusk

This is what my best friend gave me the other day as souvenir from Tokyo called Tokyo Rusk. I’ve never heard of it before...

This is how it looks in the box.

On your left, they have saying sugar (plain) flavoured ones and maple syrup flavoured ones on your right.

Let’s have maple syrup flavoured one first.

It has strong smell of maple syrup but the taste itself is not too sweet.

Enjoyed its very light texture!

This is sugar (plain).

I think it has lighter texture than the famous Harada’s rusk (Gateau Festa Harada is a well known confectionary in Gunma Prefecture). I also smell rich butter in it.

It didn’t last long… I mean we all LOVED the rusk so it’s gone so fast!

it is addicting crunchy treats!

Selection 4: Special KitKat For Someone Special? KitKat Chocolatory

Someone I know gave me a very special kind of KitKat from Tokyo. I know you know Japan has so many unique flavoured KitKats but this is very special...very.

This creamcheese flavoured KitKat is only sold at Seibu Department Store in Ikebukuro and Daimaru Department Store in Tokyo Station for now.

Even though this is an exclusive in these two shops in Tokyo, I found the fact that this is produced in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture (one in Kansai region), not in Tokyo...Kobe is much closer to where I live! Why not they sell this oh-so-special KitKat in the region!? Have no idea...

Well, anyway…

Look how it is packed in the box! Looks so luxury, doesn’t it?

I can see it is definitely special...even the wrapper says so!

I am very excited!!!

Once I ripped the wrapper, rich and cheesy smell came from inside instantly.

I love cheese… just sniffing its smell makes me happy...mmm.

Of course it contains some amount of chocolate to coat wafers but very rich smell and taste of creamcheese overrides it. Oh...heavenly!

I am SO happy to have it!

This can be a wonderful choice of souvenir for sure! Again, creamcheese flavoured KitKat is something you cannot get anywhere else other than Seibu Department Store in Ikebukuro or Daimaru Department Store in Tokyo Station. I strongly recommend you getting it if you visit there.

Choosing souvenirs is a fun part of your trip, but there are many souvenir selections that may cause you headache to choose, but the ones I introduced today can not be wrong! Hope you find something yummy for your loved ones waiting for you coming back home :)

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Written by 若おっさん(Waka Ossan)

I'm living in Osaka and be willing to introduce a lot gourmet information of various places in Kansai area(Osaka, Kyoto, Wakayama, Shiga...), especially attractive for middle-aged man!