A hotel report on ‘Business Hotel Kawashima’ in Wakayama City

I’m introducing a super reasonable business hotel ‘Kawashima’ in Wakayama City where you can stay for ¥4000 a night with breakfast.

I sometimes go bar-hopping in Wakayama, even though I live in Osaka. Again, I am staying at a business hotel in Wakayama, simply because I can’t be bothered to go home in Osaka. (lol)

It’s easier and heaper to stay at a reasonable business hotel rather than being worried about catching the last train or taking the expensive taxi ride home.

So, I’m staying at ‘Business Hotel Kawashima’ this time.

The accomodation fee and access to ‘Business Hotel Kawashima’ in Wakayama City

The location was really close to the Wakayama City Office in the city center. You can walk to a downtown area, and it’s possible to walk to JR Wakayama Station.

This is quite a handy spot. On top of that, if you’re quick enough, you get to use a car park for ¥500 a day. Cheap!

I stayed there with a breakfast package…only ¥4000 a night! Cheap! Super cheap! Normally, you can’t even stay at a hostel at this price in Japan.

However, the facilities are a bit old as you can see.

I was slightly worried when I checked in.

Facilities and amenities at Kawashima

Prior to check in, the front desk clerk showed me some shampoo, hangers and other stuff that you can use for free. They even had cellphone chargers and deodorizing sprays. I thought that was a very thoughtful gesture.

I’m a man and I don’t have a particular shampoo that I stick to. So, I didn’t have to borrow any, but I think this sort of service is really nice for female guests. This is a good example of hospitality.

I stepped inside the room…instantly thought ‘OLD!’ (lol)

I’m not kidding…I think this is possibly the oldest that I ever stayed.

However, it was clean, so I didn’t feel bad about it that much.

Here is the bed.

I can’t say that the bed was perfectly comfortable, but I still slept well in the bed that was ok. It wasn’t either smelly or hard.

This is the bathroom.

This is also old, but you can certainly see effort of the hotel staff maintaining its state.

It was perfectly fine if you’re just having a shower.

Look at this telephone! I would be concerned if it really gets me through to the front desk…lol.

It’s retro.

Anyway, the Internet was connected via wireless LAN, and there was nothing inconvenient there.

What is the breakfast like at a budget accomodation?

The breakfast is served at an ex-café area on the second floor.

The chair was comfortable to sit on and it was quite a nice spot.

In fact, Wakayama Castle is visible in the distance from this area.

It’s almost in the middle at the bottom of the picture. Can you spot it? lol

You don’t need to purchase a ticket for breakfast, but you just need to go there, instead.

It’s a buffet style, but there weren’t many dishes at all to choose from.

It was OK though, because they still served sausages that are typically seen at breakfast at a business hotel.

It looks sad and poor. However, it was actually perfect on the morning with a hangover, and I somehow really enjoyed piping hot miso soup (lol). I suspect they served some pre-cooked frozen food as side dishes, but it was acceptable when you think of the price.

Considering the price of ¥4000 per night, I totally satisfied with the facilities and breakfast.

Staff service was good and the pleasant hospitality seemed to cover the old-fashionedness of the hotel.

As you can see, I can’t say, “this hotel was great!”, but it was more than what I’d expected for ¥4000 per night. I would recommend this to those who think of the cost over anything when choosing accommodation!

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Written by 若おっさん(Waka Ossan)

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