Anotehr Hidden Gem! Enjoy Beautiful Nature In Arashiyama Park, Kyoto

Arashiyama area is tourism oriented in general, but have you heard of Arashiyama Park, especially Kameyama District in the area? This place has breathtaking view of Togetsukyo Bridge and Arashiyama area!

Hi everyone! Have you heard of Kameyama District in Arashiyama Park?

Arashiyama area has been popular of its wonderful view especially in spring with cherry blossoms and autumn with coloured leaves. Alsom there are some significant bamboo forests and Tenryuji Temple.

Arashiyama Park is located in north west from Hozugawa River (also known as Katsuragawa River), and the park is devided by three districts which is Kameyama, Nakanoshima, and Rinsenji Temple Districts.

Kameyama District is where I visited on 29 October 2015. This district has beautiful nature and an observation deck on the top of the mountain. You can enjoy the view of Hozugawa River and the whole Arashiyama area from there.

Hozugawa River And Arashiyama From Togetsukyo Bridge

Start walking from north side of Hozugawa River towards west.

Feeling great being under splendid autumn weather!

Look how clear and beautiful water is!

This is on my way to the district. Still see Togetsukyo Bridge in far in the picture below.

Walk Around In Kameyama District, Arashiyama Park

I found this map at the entrance of the district.

Taking stone stairways to the observation deck… There are some ways to get there. Whichever you take, you will enjoy the beautiful nature on your way!

The maple leaves didn’t change their colour yet… Green leaves and clear sky are wonderful together!

Getting to the top, I saw some leaves started colouring...

Breathtaking View Of Kyoto From Kameyama District

There are some observation decks, and each one has different view.

This is the first deck I stopped by. there are some benches to sit, so you can enjoy the view as much as you want from there.

This is the view I saw. I wonder how colourful the mountain will be when it gets colder and leaves starting to colour...

This is the view from the other side of the deck. Do you see Kyoto Tower and Daimonjiyama Mountain in far?

This is the view from the second observation deck...I saw Hozu Valley and Arashiyama area from here.

I saw cute truck train (which is popular activity)!

Here is Hozugawa River. Boat tours are another fun and relaxing activity!

From this deck, I could see Daihikaku Senkouji Temple.

This beautiful temple is located on the edge of the cliff. You can visit there and see the view from there as well (admission fee 400 yen). Please refer here if you are interested!

Beautiful blue sky and Hozugawa River. What a idyllic and peaceful view...

Lovely, very lovely!

Can you believe you can see this marvelous view after 15 minutes walk from Togetsukyo Bridge? You will feel peace and relaxing atmosphere in this district.

If you plan going to Arashiyama area, I’d recommend you to come by at Kameyama District in Arashiyama Park, Kyoto!

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