One of The Most Popular Aquarium in Japan: Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

This is an article about sight seeing in Churaumi Aquaruim in Okinawa, a large island the south of Japan. We show you the highlights of the aquarium, like the popular dolphin shows and the giant tank.

This is one of the most popular aquariums in Japan; Churaumi Suizokukan in Okinawa prefecture!
"Churaumi" means "purified ocean" in the Okinawan dialect and "Suizokukan" means aquarium in Japanese.
Their huge tank has whale sharks and manta rays which makes this aquarium widely famous and popular.

How To Go Churaumi Suizokukan

The aquarium is located in National Memorial Park, which is in northwest Okinawa Main Island. It is far from Naha airport and takes about 3 hours by car or bus ride.
I recommend renting a car while you visit Okinawa, but you can also take a bus to get there instead. Yambaru Express Bus runs a direct service. Make sure get off at the bus stop named "Kinen-Kohen Mae (Memorial Park)!"

Exciting Dolphin Show!

Memorial Park is very huge!
Taking the long stairs up, you see the aquarium on your right, and Oki-Chan Gekijo which holds dolphin show in the back.

It might be a good idea to see the dolphin show first for a change. It was about to happen when we got there... Don't forget the show takes about 20 minutes and only shows 4-5 times in a day!

Dolphins are already asking for treat!

Music is on and dolphins are dancing...their jumps are beautiful!

They can go up THAT high!!


Applause at the end! So much fun!!

OK... It's Time To Go Inside! So Much To See!

There is a shallow pool where you can touch some sea creature like starfish, sea cucumber, etc. Little kids will love it!

Starfish has a slimy texture and it is cold...

Look, that's Dory from Finding Nemo!

Clownfish are here, too!

Deepsea fish have beautiful colors on their bodies...

Feeding the fish? There was an aquarium keeper in the tank!

How beautiful, sea turtle!

I am sorry that I forgot your name...but your face makes me laugh, lady!

Excume me, what kind of shrimp are you, madam?

Japanese huchen! They were beautifully making a line and looking at me...

One of the most popular fish in the aquarium... Spotted garden eel! Their bottom is always in the sand...weird!

Well, their faces are not so pretty...? What do you think?


I love the sea horse!

Sea snake! Look how scary he is! He could be a villain in a Disney movie...

Are You Ready To See Huge Sea Creatures?

Now it’s time to see manta rays and whalesharks!

This acrylic panel is 8.2 meter high, 22.5 m width, and 60 cm thick! It held the Guiness World Record for the biggest tank until Dubai Aquarium opened in October 2008.
Whalesharks are moving very slow...

We all love manta rays...right?
You can snorkel with manta rays in Ogasawara islands (small islands in Okinawa Prefecture).

Don't you see they look like a space ship in the movies?

Funny face from the bottom!

A shark...moves with dignity.

After the huge tank, there is a booth showing stuff related to sharks.
Shark teeth made me shake with fear...!!

Walking slow and watching through this spacious aquarium takes about 3 hours!

This is must-see thing in Okinawa! Beautiful coral and tropical fish in the small tanks and whalesharks and manta rays in the huge tank...they never dissapoint you!

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