Let's eat sushi inside Sendai Station at Hokushin!

I went to a stand-up sushi bar inside a building at Sendai Station. When you think about food in Sendai, people often imagine beef tongues, but their sushi is actually very good too.

Sendai, the capital city of the Miyagi prefecture, and the largest city in the northeastern region in Japan, is famous for good food too.

And when asked what is the most famous food in Sendai, even most Japanese people would answer, “Gyutan (beef tongue)!”

They are more thickly cut than the ones in Tokyo, and are very juicy and delicious when broiled.

Asked people from Sendai for advice

So I asked my friends on Facebook, “I want to eat beef tongue since I'm going to Sendai. Any recommended places to eat?” and here were the replies.

“You information-illiterate bastard. They’re all the same anywhere.”

“The local people told me that beef tongue at Negishi (a famous chain restaurant around Tokyo) is good enough.”

“I'm from Sendai but even I wanna know a good place if you find one.”

“Eat sushi. Sushi.”

“The sushi place inside the station is really great so why don't you eat sushi?”

Okay...pretty harsh comments… Beef tongue...was my main desire but...

Well anyway, I safely made it to Sendai Station. There is a Gyutan Street and a Sushi Street on the 3rd floor of the Sendai station building.

Came to Sushi Hokushin!

So I changed my mind about beef tongues and came to a sushi place called Hokushin. They supposedly have very good sushi here. This place is a stand-up sushi bar by the way.

They are so popular that there are lines of people waiting during the peak hours, but since I arrived past 2pm, I was able to get inside in just about five minutes. Quickness is one of the good things about stand-up restaurants.

I ordered things from the menu without thinking.

They were all so good. Too good, that I thought, “Come to think of it, you can eat as much beef tongue as I like in Tokyo, and they are quite good enough.”

This is a picture of “the best ark shell in Japan” (says the store manager) and mantis shrimp from Hokkaido. Oh yeah. This ark shell is probably the best.

I am so loving the stand-up sushi bar! I love it!

Fresh seafood are lined up on the counter. From the left: yellow jack, snow crab, ark shell, octopus, squid, surf clam, tuna fish...

Surf clam and young fish.

Red snapper and yellow jack.

Sea urchin!

The jumbo shrimp comes with the miso from its head. They have this certain sweetness that stands out. Amazing.

Lastly, medium fatty tuna.

I ate all these expensive sushi and it was only a little over 3,000 yen. Fully satisfying. Definitely coming here again.

So yeah, when you visit Sendai, try the sushi. Have you got that written down?

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Written by 941 (Yusuke Kushii)

I'm working in a technical public relations section of an IT company in Tokyo. I often writes columns about child-rearing and blogs about visiting a number of office tours and nice restaurants.