Fancy Japanese Cuisine At Kokappou Ohashi In Shibuya, Tokyo

This article is introducing a Japanese Izakaya restaurant called Kokappou Ohashi in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. The restaurant has fancy Japanese cuisine and tasty drinks!

If you are looking for a place for fancy Japanese cuisine in Tokyo, I’d recommend Kokappou Ohashi in Shibuya! This restaurant is not far from Hikarie, which is a shopping mall at the east exit of Shibuya Station. You’ll love their calm and quiet atmosphere in such a busy city. I come to the restaurant often to enjoy their wonderful food!

Kokappou Ohashi In Shibuya

We ordered Satsuma Akadori & Gobou (Chicken from Kagoshima and burdock) Sukiyaki (5,000 yen per person) which includes all-you-can-drink. The appetizers come in this box. Isn’t it pretty?

These variety of Sashimi is very fresh and delicious! I enjoyed its firmness in my mouth.

This is one of their famous omulette Fuwafuwa Tamago (fluffy egg in Japanese). Yeeeees it is fluffy!

Deep fried Sweet Shrimp and Maitake mushroom Tempra. Dang these are good with drinks…!

Radish and dried tiny sardines salad.

The main course Chicken & Burdock Sukiyaki comes in the cast iron skillet.

Sweet and spicy sauce makes it OH-SO GOOOOOOD!!! Burdock adds wonderful flavour in it as well.

At the end of Sukiyaki, there’s a secret to enjoy the sauce and small pieces of ingredients which stays in the skillet… Pour beaten egg in the skillet and…...

TA-DA! Put this on the rice and make it Oyakodon (popular Japanese meal just like a beef bowl, but it is in chicken version)! Runny egg dresses rice….oh it is heavenly!

Seasonal flavoured ice cream is as dessert...let’s call it a night now.

We ordered Sukiyaki course but this restaurant’s signature course is Obanzai; small dishes in Kyoto style. You can try more variery of dishes if you ordered Obanzai. Of course their a la carte is wonderful as well! Oh, and not mentioned in this article, but their Sake selection is fantastic, so this restaurant is great for you whom adores Japanese Sake, too.

Great quality of food served by professional staff in such wonderful atomosphere… Kokappou Ohashi in Shibuya definitely pleases you!!

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