Found the greatest steak at CARNEYA SANOMAN’S in Nishi Azabu/Hiroo!

In this article, we talk about an aging meat restaurant named CARNEYA SANOMAN’S in Nishi Azabu/Hiroo.

“It’s who you eat with, than what you eat”...I don’t know who said this, but I have one thing to say to this. That “What you eat and who you eat with, both matters.”

So…(sorry I just wanted to start off with something like this), I went to eat good meat again today!

Where I recommend today is the restaurant that opened in the Hiroo station in Nishi Azabu, named CARNEYA SANOMAN’S.

Currently in Japan, meat that is preserved for a while called aging meat, is very popular. This restaurant is known for it, and the steaks they make with the special grilling machine they imported from the states is very delicious.

This place is actually a dream-come-true collaboration to me.

CAENEYA is an italian meat restaurant in Ushigome Kagurazaka, and it is a famous place, rated 4.0 and is included in the Top 1000 restaurants on Tabelog. (Tabelog is a gourmet site that is used widely in Japan, and the rates are very severe; when the rates are over 3.5 it is said that they have undeniably good food).

SANOMAN’S comes from the meat restaurant named Sanoman in Shizuoka, Fujinomiya-shi. This place has a history of more than 100 years!

Both restaurants are famous for aging meat, and CAENEYA SANOMAN’S is the collaboration of those two places! So no wonder I am excited!!!

This is the restaurant sign. It is located on the street that leads to the Nishi Azabu intersect from Hiroo.

The outside stairs. The cow illustration is cute.

This was so delicious!!! Beef tartar (2800 yen).

Dry Aging Beef All Stars (18,000 yen-).

Very meat-y.

I don’t exactly remember what this was... but it was good!

A dessert plate!

It says, “For All Meat Lovers”. Ahh!

Everything was good.

It’s a bit expensive, but the quality says it all.

Many places started making aging meat their specialty after they have become popular, but this restaurant is quite different from the rest...the collaboration of CARNEYA, which started the popularity of aging beef, and SANOMAN, the aging beef pioneer, is plain amazing.

If you’re planning to have a little feast, I definitely recommend this steak restaurant.

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Written by Tomoko"Nick"

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