What is July like in Japan? Enjoy the endless summer with Summer Festivals!

This is the article about July in Japan: It’s about the basic information such as national holidays and the weather. I’d like to introduce the real summer of Japan through this article such as sea bathing, fireworks festivals, Kyoto Gion Festival and Osaka Tenjin Festival.

Summer starts in June in Japan. Because of the global warming, the temperature is extremely high and humid but when the bright sunlight strokes your body, we’ll get excited as it’s the sign of the beginning of summer! A lot of young people and families enjoy outdoors activities such as camping or hiking in the mountains, or may go to the beach.

The end of July is the beginning of the summer holiday for students. It’s the season for special summer events and festivals, of course fireworks festivals too! Please come and enjoy together our festinating hot summer here in Japan!

The national holidays in July

Date Name and Remarks
Third Monday in July ** Marine day**
Honors the blessings of the oceans

Every year in first of July is the official opening day of the sea-bathing season. The beach will be bustling with a lot of bathers. Three weeks later from beach opening day, it’s the national holiday call “Marine day”. Most students start summer holiday from Marine day and also it’s a three straight holidays, the beach gets busy with families and bathers.

The most famous beaches are in Okinawa and Izu (Shizuoka prefecture) but there are some popular beaches not too far from Tokyo: Moriya beach at Chiba prefecture and Yuigahama beach at Kamakura (Kanagawa prefecture).

Both beaches are shallow for a good distance so it’s quite safe to enjoy swimming. Great spots to visit with family♪

The weather in July (weather・temperature・clothing)

Average Highest Lowest
Hokkaido(Sapporo) 20.5℃ 24.9℃ 17.3℃
Tokyo 25℃ 29.2℃ 21.8℃
Nagoya 26.4℃ 30.8℃ 23℃
Kyoto 26.8℃ 31.5℃ 23.2℃
Osaka 27.4℃ 31.6℃ 24.3℃
Hiroshima 27.1℃ 30.8℃ 23.8℃
Fukuoka 27.2℃ 30.9℃ 24.3℃
Okinawa(Naha) 28.9℃ 31.8℃ 26.8℃

When the summer begin in July, the temperature rise up to 30℃in most of the area. Especially southern area from Tokyo will get quite hot. Although the temperature is not a big issue… the high humidity around 80% of average makes us really uncomfortable. This means the sensible temperature will be around 40℃… feel like you are in sauna. After 5 minutes walk, you’ll be soaking wet with sweats.

If you are visiting Japan during the summer, it’s essential to drink a lot of water and put some sun screen to prevent the direct sun. It’s no harm to be too careful as a lot of people died from the heatstroke recently.

Well, you might get surprised to see there’re a lot of Japanese businessman wearing a dark suits even in the crazy heat. I really feel sorry for them…

Festivals and events in July

1) Firework Festivals

Do you know what bring us the real feeling of summer in Japan? It’s Firework Festivals!!

Firework Festivals will be held all over Japan and sill start from mid July. You’ll find a lot of Yukata (Traditional Japanese summer dress) Girls walking gracefully on Firework Festival weekends.

On a festival day, there’re a lot of stalls lined up along the streets. Usually, people buy foods and drinks from the stalls and sit on the ground and eat while watching Fireworks.

The most famous big Firework Festival in Tokyo is “Sumidagawa Firework Festival”. It held at the end of July every year. The venue is very close from Asakusa and you can take pictures with Skytree, so it’s quite popular among tourist too!

2012年隅田川花火大会" by てんどん - http://photozou.jp/photo/show/141110/145311514. Licensed under CC BY 2.1 jp via ウィキメディア・コモンズ(翻訳の必要はありません)

2) Kyoto Gion Festival

“Kyoto Gion Festival” is now the internationally well-known summer festival in Japan. The festival has 1000 years history and still keeps its tradition. The festival will be hold for a whole June but the highlight is Yamaboko Junko (the parade of traditional Japanese festive floats) which will be held from 14th ~16th and 21st ~23rd. Thousands of people gather to see the famous procession.

This Yamaboko (floats) are registered as Important Tangible Folk-Cultural Property and some people call them “the mobile gallery”.

If you like to see the details of Yamaboko I recommend you to come and see on the day time. But if you like to enjoy mysterious and exotic ambiance, the night time is recommended. Actually, why not come and see both!

3) Osaka Tenjin Festival

“Osaka Tenjin Festival” is one of the three major festivals in Japan, same as Kyoto Gion Festival. This festival also held quite a long term from the end of June to mid July. But the highlight is 25th of July, the night of Honmiya. There will be the fireworks dedicated to its own deity and a lot of festive boats will run on Okawa River. It’s typical Osaka like festival.

Osaka is known as “Kuidaore (people ruin themselves by extravagance in food)” therefore you can enjoy variety food from tons of stalls!

4) Summer Sale

For Japanese woman, July is quite exciting as it’s “the sale season”!! The summer sale in July is massive, most of the summer dress items will be on sale and the popular major shopping mall like Lumine, Parco and Marui will reduce its price up to 30%~50% or even more!

If you have 10$~20$ in your pocket, I’m sure you can get a lovely trends of the summer. It’s a really exciting month of the year!! (Only me?)

Perhaps some visitors might feel strange as Japanese sales clerk shout a lot to get customers' attention even in the fancy boutique, it’s very unique to Japan LOL

I hope you’ve learned something about July Today. A lot of people say “summer in Japan is way too hot. I don’t want to go anywhere!” during this season but please don’t be like that. There’re a lot of fun festivals and events out there and it’s sad to miss them. I’m sure, it’ll be the great memory if you visit Japan in July. Just be careful, not to forget drink a lot of water and avoid too much sun, then you’ll have a great fun!

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