No more looking for lockers: Fast & Easy Way to Explore Tokyo without Luggage!

A new web service released in Tokyo named "ecbo cloak", might be the solution to your hunt for coin lockers in Japan!

Have you ever wandered around the city looking for a place to leave your luggage while traveling?

Can you not check in early or check out later?

Were there enough lockers open at the train stations?

Well, no need to worry anymore. Not in Tokyo.

ecbo Inc., an IT startup company from Japan, has launched a service called the “ecbo cloak,” which is a website where you can reserve a place to store your luggage while exploring the city.
Not just anyplace though. “ecbo cloak” suggests places like cafes and shops around Tokyo which offer space to leave your things during sightseeing. Therefore tourists can get to know local places and get food/drinks or shop as well, if they wished.
Mainly starting from Shibuya, it is continuously spreading its ground to other major locations in Tokyo, and in the future, other parts of Japan too.

The places registered on the website have all passed certain standards so guests can safely leave their things. There are also going to be reviews for both cafes and users in the near future, in order to create a safe and dependable community.

4 Easy Steps to Use “ecbo cloak”

  1. Search for a convenient place to leave your luggage using the website map (multilingual: select from Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)

  2. Make a reservation: Set the date/time and reserve a space online.

  3. Go to the cafe/shop on the day of reservation. Use the website map! The staff will take a picture of your items and send you a ticket by email that you show when you come back to get your luggage.

  4. Explore the city! When you come back for your luggage, the staff will complete the transaction on their device. The fee will automatically be paid from your credit card you have registered beforehand. The receipt will be sent to your email address.


  1. Bag Plan: Any type of bag of which one side is below 45cm (handbags, shopping bags,etc.) 300yen/day

  2. Suitcase Plan: Luggage larger than the size above (suitcases, backpacks, travel bags, etc.) 600yen/day

Support and Insurance

“ecbo cloak” not only corresponds to Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean, but it provides a chat service for both users and shop owners for additional support. It also offers an insurance option up to 200,000 yen for your luggage if something happens while stored.

For the Future

ecbo Inc. hopes to not only help tourists explore Japan more conveniently, but also give them a chance to stop by at real local places they would have missed during their stay. Starting with large and popular cities in Tokyo, they are planning to spread its service throughout Japan, from Kyoto and Osaka to other major tourist sites. The upcoming 2020 Olympics in Tokyo will surely attract more foreigners to Japan, but Japan still faces many obstacles when trying to provide full convenience for foreign tourists. “ecbo cloak” might be a solution to one of the problems we currently have.

Go to their website now and register from here:

It will come in handy.

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Written by Kanako Tsuji

Raised in the U.S., currently working in Tokyo as a PR/Community Manager in a Startup Company, ecbo Inc. I am also a singer, and a lover for art and coffee. I know the right places to go in Tokyo.