Looking For Authentic Japanese Food And Drinks? Maishin Is What You Are Looking For!

This article is on a typical Japanese Izakaya style bar, ‘Maishin’ in Shibuya. It is popular among Japanese sake lovers. You’ll discover some unique delicious nibbles that go well with sake.

Hi there! I would love to introduce Japanese Izakaya "Maishin" today! It is located in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. Surprisingly, Maishin is a place where you can calmly enjoy some authentic Sake in this busy district!

In many guidebooks, you see many places in Izakaya...but have you noticed that those places are overrun with tourists from overseas? Perhaps their menu is often too tourist-friendly or westernized? Maishin is different! Many Sake lovers come this Izakaya for real, authentic Japanese drinks and food. If you visit Japan for Sake and authentic food, this is a great choice!

From Shibuya Station To Maishin

Exit Shibuya Station from Hachiko-exit and you see the big and famous Shibuya Crossing (this is very iconic in Tokyo) on your right and you go on the left: you will be on Dohgenzaka street.

You want to keep walking the incline on left-side side walk for about 5 minutes.

You’ll see a sign for "Docomo (Japanese mobile phone company)," and look closer...

See the sign of Maishin? It beckons you into the basement!

Going down...and you see a small sliding door on your left. Finally it is time to say "open sesame!"

Choose "Otohshi" First And Get Ready For Your First Sake!

In Izakaya, they often offer you Otohshi on your arrival before you order. It is like appetizer/tapas type food. This is included in the overall service charge fee (about 400 yen).

Many Izakayas offer one small thing and there is no specific menu for Otohshi, but Maishin offers you 2 items from their Otohshi menu!

I chose Mozuku-Su (slimy seaweed in vineger) and chiken stew. Very refreshing!

Order Sake Now!

You may see a Tokkuri bottle and small glasses in some places... They are specially designed for having Sake. You pour Sake into the glass from the bottle and sip it just a little by little...

However, here in Maishin, they serve Sake in a glass! They want you to try their selection of Sake as many as possible.

I'll Tell You Their Awesome Selection!

Oh so many kinds of Sake!

Dassai (in the middle/picture below) is made in Yamaguchi Prefecture and is making Sake popular again! This is the one US President Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Abe had together when Prime Minister Abe visited US in May 2015.

For ladies, I recommend Murayu. This sweet flavour beauty is made in Niigata Prefecture which produces the best quality rice in Japan (you know Sake is made from rice right?)

Dewazakura is a very basic trip from Yamagata Prefecture. Tohoku region (northern part of main land Japan) has many mountains and pure and clear water so that make Sake very light and fruity.

Now, What To Eat With The Awesome Sake?

Assorted Sashimi is basic but a must-have!

On this day, they had Tuna, Octopus, Red Sea Bream, and Yellowtail. The selection is changeable.

Radish and beef tendon stew. This is another popular and regular assortment in Izakaya.

You enjoy stock made from beef tendon and its tenderness melts in your mouth. The Radish is also well prepared!

Asparagus and gizzard sautee! Gizzard is a chewy chicken organ. This unique texture gives you a new food experience!

Wanna Try Something Delicacy?

Do you want to try something else? Order assorted Chimmi (delicacy)! It goes great with Sake!

I personally love these, but due to their uniqueness, Chimmi is not for everyone (even for Japanese)...try them only if you’re williing t accept that!

From left, is called Kani-Miso. It is a paste from crabs and tastes a bit bitter but very rich. Eat with crab meat, of course!

Next to Kani-Miso is an Ika-No-Shiokara. Pieces of squid is in brown viscous paste and salt. We enjoy its raw texture!

I can say these are one of Japanese speciality dish...

If you could enjoy these, you can proudly call yourself a connoisseur of Japanese food and Sake culture!

You Finish Your Night With Rice And Miso Soup!

Are you tipsy yet? Even so, you don't want to miss their Takikomi-Gohan (seasoned rice with seafood or meat and veggie) and Miso-soup at the end.

The picture below depicts rice with grilled salmon and its raw eggs.

Oh eggs are shining in the pot like jewelry!The salmon slices contain great amount of fat that makes it so rich and juicy…

You could go for ramen or another things, but I strongly recommend this salmon Takikomi-Gohan!

You can add Miso-soup with Takikomi-Gohan.

The Miso-soup comes with this rice is called Ara-jiru that contains salmon fins and/or other parts which adds a very rich flavour to the soup... You can definitely taste Umami (the fifth taste sensation) in the soup!

Japanese DNA calls for Miso-soup at the end of fun and tipsy nights!

The soup at the end of the night helps you prevent or recover from a hangover next morning.

The cost of drinks and food was about 5000 yen per person! If you like, pay 6000 yen and make it food (menu is set) AND all-you-can-drink party for 3 hours as well! Maishin doesn't dissaapoint you if you are seaching for authentic, yet unique cuisine in Japan!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!