Buying souvenirs at Tokyu Hands (Typical Japanese souvenirs)

In this article, you’ll read about a general store called ‘Tokyu Hands’. For foreign visitors, this is a perfect place for purchasing souvenirs. You’ll find popular souvenirs to take home with you, such as a Japanese fan, table ware and Ghibli goods.

Haven’t you wondered where to buy things in Japan, when you already know what you want?
The place you should go to for various goods is Tokyu Hands. They have interior goods to kitchen tools, name it! You’ll find any kind of souvenir here.
We will introduce Tokyu Hands in three chapters: “Basic Japanese souvenirs,” “Surprising and unique souvenirs,” and “Kawaii goods.”

In this article, we’ll start with “Basic Japanese souvenirs”!

Souvenirs for yourself too! They have Japanese fans too.

One of the basic Japanese souvenirs, fans. They have many fans in souvenir shops in Kyoto, but it’s quite difficult to find them in Tokyo.
But here in Tokyu Hands, they have numerous kinds of fans! They have good quality fans that aren’t too cheap or too expensive, so it’s easy to buy as a souvenir. They are about 2000-3000 yen each.

When you think “fans,” you might imagine blue and pink colors often, but they have black and white colors with a modern taste too.

They also have ones that come with pouches.

Tenugui with Japanese style prints

If fans are too expensive as a sounvenir, we recommend Tenugui.
Tenugui is a Japanese style hand towel, and is made in cotton.

They are all Japanese-like and pretty!

Green tea leaves are suitable for souvenirs too

Next, how about green tea leaves? They are sold at about 600 yen in small packs, so it may be suitable for handing them out to friends. There are even tea leaves with different effects, like “Relaxing,” “When exhausted” and “For good sleep.”

How about popular plastic food?

If you want to remember the taste of tempura you ate in Tokyo, you can buy plastic magnet food as a souvenir! It looks real but it’s not edible, be careful. lol

They have sushi, ramen, curry and everything in the Japanese souvenir section.

Japanese tableware might also be a good souvenir for your family

There are quite a lot of people who buy Japanese tableware as a souvenir.
We have many designs that you probably won’t see outside Japan.

These are called Fufu Jawan, which are rice bowl pairs for married couples. Nice, right?
We often give them as gifts for newlyweds in Japan.

Chopsticks too! They often are sold in pairs.

If you love Japanese hotsprings, we recommend bath salts too

These are bath salts. Japanese people love not just hotsprings but bathing in general.
Put the powder in the bathtub, and you’ll instantly have bath water with the same ingredients as the hotsprings.

Incense is a Japanese style souvenir too

As seen in the “Genji Monogatari,” what was a necessity for the nobles back in the old days was the incense culture. It was a needed education for intellectuals.
How about taking an exotic incense back home?

Osenko (an incense that is shaped like a thin strip)

The Osenko stands are a necessity too. Cats, owls and frogs. They’re all so cute!

Ghibli goods at Tokyu Hands!

If you missed going to the Ghibli Museum during your stay in Tokyo, there is a Ghibli section in Tokyu Hands.

A huge stuffed Totoro! If it fits in your suitcase...hehe.

These are the basic Japanese souvenirs you must get at Tokyu Hands.
In the next article, “Buying souvenirs at Tokyu Hands (Kawaii Souvenirs),” we will introduce character goods and stationery to you.
If you don’t know how to get to Tokyu Hands, please read the “Buyiing souvenirs at Tokyu Hands (For unique souvenirs)” article!

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Written by Nekko

I recently got married and I’m currently living in Tokyo. I will write about cheap shopping, and tips about fashion and lifestyle.