Spring dessert rankings at Family Mart!

This is the Top 3 Sweets sold at a Japanese convenience store called Family Mart. There seems to be many items that use green tea. We introduce them with lots of pictures.

When you travel in Japan, you cannot resist from buying things from a convenience store! Especially, I would like to recommend you to try some sweets which are super delicious. They have bunch of selections and it’s about 100 yen~300 yen each.

Today, I am going to introduce you some popular sweets form the well-selling line in Familymart which is one of the top three famous convenience stores in Japan.

Familymart is focusing efforts in to new products development especially in deserts. Sounds promising, isn’t it? Now let’s take a look!

Ranking No.3: Maccha Cream Puff

When spring comes, I start thinking I would like to eat maccha flavor for some reason!

Surprisingly, this product is so decadent as it uses Uji Maccha which is one of the best brand of the green tea. It’s only 128 yen!!

Let’s open the bag and see how it’s like…Wow, outside skin looks crispy, although it is kind a cute looking but looks delicious…!

The inside has full of maccha flavored cream! The taste is so rich but actually it’s not too sweet. You can easily finish one.

What a wonderful mouth melting rich maccha (green tea) cream...

Ranking No.2: Maccha Parfeit

Marvelous combination of smashed read bean paste with fresh cream!

Maccha again? oh, don’t say that but this is not only just a maccha.

On the maccha flavored mousse, there is fresh cream, smashed red bean paste, chestnuts are all over. The combination of both red beans and cream are wonderful! You might think these combinations are very strange... Japanese sweets and western style sweets? Oh, please just try! You won’t regret it!

The slightly bitter taste of maccha goes really well with it and it is hard to explain what is like. You are able to enjoy this luxury moment at home just only by 250 yen! Isn’t it great?

Ranking No.1: Mouth melting Luxury Crème Caramel with profound aroma.

Here comes the Queen of the sweets!

The last sweets we are going to introduce is “Mouth melting Luxury Crème Caramel” which we call them pudding in Japanese. 195 yen is a bit pricy compare to the other range for the similar products, but it’s worth it! I actually think the price is quite generous for the quality. I personally could spend more for this!

When you open the product, you’ll find the separate caramel sauce on top of the cream.

First, peel off the red lid. You might think it will flood over but it is quite stable. Not to worry.

Now, drizzle over the caramel sauce on top and try!

If you imagine something similar to the well known Japanese “pudding”, this is totally different. The texture is like a fresh cream and it melts delicately in your mouth. They uses rich vanilla beans so that creates beautiful aroma and feels like you are having a desert in a three star restaurant. Scrumptious!

So, today we have introduced the spring deserts form Familymart: Maccha Cream Puff, Maccha Parfeit and Mouth melting Luxury Crème Caramel! Those are so delicious and hard to believe all from the convenient store. Don’t forget to try all of them and find the best you like! I’m pretty sure it’s worth trying

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Written by Nekko

I recently got married and I’m currently living in Tokyo. I will write about cheap shopping, and tips about fashion and lifestyle.