What Is Tsukemen? Let's Try To Eat The New Wave Of Japanese Noodle at Shinjuku Gyoen.

This article introduces ‘Tsukemen’ (dipping noodels), the new style and ramen-like junkfood. It also presents some Tsukemen shops out of many in Shinjuku Gyoen area.

Japan is famous for its unique food culture. Ramen is one of them! Today I will introduce a new wave of ramen noodle hitting Japan called Tsukemen!

What is Tsukemen? How is it Different From Ramen?

Tsukemen ("tsuke" means to dip and "men" means noodle in Japanese) is dipping cold noodle, veggie, and pieces of meat into thick soup.

Ramen restaurants may offer Tsukemen on their menu while other restaurants specialize in the rejuvenated dish. Tsukemen is getting more popular than ever now! They may not have a staff that speaks foreign languages, but in most places, you buy a ticket at the machine upon entering and hand that ticket to the staff. Easy, right?

Tsukemen Sanctuary: Shinjuku Gyoen Area

Shinjuku Goen area has earned a reputation as a Sanctuary of Tsukemen.

Here are people's favorite Tsukemen and restaurants in the area!

#1 Thick And Chewy Noodle Is Hot! "Komugi To Niku Momo No Ki"

Men and women all love Tsukemen here in "Komugi To Niku Momo No Ki."

A picture below is the ticket machine I mentioned. Most of the time, the restaurant's reccomendation goes on top left, but the Tsukemen menu in this restaurant is on the second line. The best seller is Kotteri Shoyu (means rich soy sauce) flavour (marked in red)!

Ta-da! The thick and shiny noodle makes this restaurant popular!

300g of noodles makes your tummy full of happiness!

If you aren't confident enough to eat it all, ask them to make it 1/2 noodle. If you do so, they give you a soft boiled egg instead. I can see pieces of pork and green onion in the soup.

Pick up some noodles with your chopsticks and dip them in the soup...rich soup comes with this unique noodle...my chopsticks can't stop bringing me this yumminess!!

Another option is grated radish which comes on the side or with the soup, depending on your preference...refrehing and tastes different!

Done with noodle? Ask them for Waridashi. This is basically a stock-based addition; put it in your soup then...another Ta-Da! The thick soup becomes an even more delicious soup to swallow!

Now you have basic concept of Tsukemen, right?
I have some more places I want to show you!

#2 Japanese Meets French? Potage Soup Tsukemen At Gachi

This restauant offers you very unique Tsukemen soup.

Creamy chicken potage Tsukemen soup makes it so popular! With a rich flavour like butter!

There are not only Chicken potage, but also a lot of other menus including side menu and oppcions.

Why not to go and try this Tsukemen!

If you are walking around in Shinjuku Gyoen area with hungry stomach, find them and try their wonderful Tsukemen...you will never want to leave Japan!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!