Where to buy Yukata in Tokyo cheaply for souvenirs!

Here we are introducing good places to bu traditional Japanese wearing “Yukata”. I am sure a lot of people are looking for Yukata for your souvenirs. Usually, Yukata is quite expensive, so here is the useful information of where to buy reasonable Yukata around ¥3000

Where can you buy souvenir yukatas? Where you can buy yukatas cheaply in Tokyo

Yukatas are a very popular Japanese souvenir. But they are generally very expensive!

When wearing the yukata, you will need the yukata itself and a belt and sandals along with it. If you want to buy all of them, you will at least need 10000 yen, and if you want ones that are made with good quality fabric, they are mostly 20000-30000 yen.

But if they are made with cheaper fabric, there are places that sell them at 3000-4000 yen!

Girls (especially high school girls) sometimes buy different yukatas for every summer festival each year. There are cute yukatas even at cheap prices!

Today, I will let you know places you can buy cheap yukata sets in Tokyo!

Asakusa Nakamise Dori is where you will think of yukatas first

There are many souvenir yukatas sold in Asakusa Nakamise Dori.

But there are sometimes yukatas with funny designs on that we Japanese often wonder if they are made especially for tourists.

So we recommend this shop: Recycle Kimono Shop Tansuya, in Shin Nakamise Dori.

This Tansuya is a very famous franchise store in Japan, and are also in places other then Asakusa. They not only have new yukatas, but they also have used yukatas and belts, so they are basically pretty cheap.

There are yukata sets sold below 3000 yen, and other sets sold at 6000 yen using better quality fabric. They have a wide range of designs and quality.

They even rent yukatas too. They have a blog introducing people wearing their yukatas, so check that out too.

When you think of souvenirs: Find your very own yukata in Ueno Ameyoko Dori

Next, a place near Asakusa: America Yokocho Dori in Ueno.

There are many yukata shops so you’ll probably be able to find your favorite.

This on is only 2980 yen. A navy blue yukata and pink belt to go with it. A very basic combination!

Lots of variations!

If you don’t have the guts to buy a yukata, they have T-shirts that have women wearing yukatas printed on them too lol.

Get your yukata at Yanaka Ginza!

A five minute walk from Nippori station on the JR line. There is an arcade called Yanaka Ginza. You can enjoy the inner city here. Yanaka Ginza is famous for their food, but there are yukata and kimono shops that have been here for a long time as well.

A very high-class yukata, for only 3900 yen!

Fans are sold too. A necessity when wearing yukatas.

You can buy yukatas at Uniqlo too!

Uniqlo, a famous casual-wear store actually starts selling yukatas before summer too.

They sell them from mid-June, and stop when they are sold out.

They are 5000-6000 yen, so it’s a little bit more expensive, but the fashionable designs and fabric they use are the reasons why. If you’re here during the summer, make sure to check them out!

They have modern design yukatas too. Very popular among Japanese girls.

How was the article? When you think about yukatas, you might think they are a little difficult to buy, but if you visit these places we recommended, I think you’ll be able to find just the right one!

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Written by Nekko

I recently got married and I’m currently living in Tokyo. I will write about cheap shopping, and tips about fashion and lifestyle.