The authentic and reasonable tempura restaurant “Tsunahachi” in Shibuya!

This is the article about “Tempura” restaurant “Tsunahachi”, a typical famous Japanese food. Usually, authentic Tempura restaurants are quite dear if you go at dinner time, so here we recommend a lunch deal which you can enjoy generous amount of delicious Tempura in about ¥1000!

Japan is known as a gourmet country, so I often hear from the visitors that they want to try Sushi, Ramen and Tempura! Well, so why hot trying Tempra at one of the best restaurant where Japanese people like.

Unfortunately there are not many tempura restaurants in Japan, as tempura usually served with Soba or Udon or we make at home… it’s like a side dish. But if I say specifically, Tempura restaurant exist. Those are usually high-end Japanese style restaurants and really expensive. So, you won’t go often unless if you are on a special occasion.

One of the famous restaurant is “Tsunahachi”. The restaurant was founded in 1924; it’s a traditional Tempura restaurant. Now, it became really popular and people are queuing to get the seats every day.

So here I’d like to recommend a branch restaurant of “Tsunahachi”!

It’s on the convenient location but a good spot where you don’t need to queue much.

How to get to a branch restaurant “Tsunahachi” a traditional Tempura restaurant in Shibuya!

When you came out from Shibuya station at Hachiko exit, the restaurant is in the building call “gourmet town” just in front of 109. The entrance has an orange sign on it! Here it is!

This building has a lot of delicious restaurant inside, so if you don’t know where to go, then this place is handy and I’m sure you’ll find something suit you.

“Tsunahachi” is on 6th floor. Just in front of the elevator.

Let’s try Tempura at “Tsunahachi”

There are counter seats and table seats in the restaurant. At tempura restaurant the counter seats are quite popular as you can get freshly-fried Tempura right away.

I recommend a lunch set menu “Tempura Teishoku” it’s only ¥1180!

It comes with Ebi (shrimp), Ika (squid), Kisu (a sand borer fish), Vegetables, Anago (conger), Koebi (prawns) Tempura and rice, miso soup and some pickles.

If you go to Tempura restaurant, usually the price of each pieces are ¥500~¥700、so all comes with ¥1180 is really reasonable!

Wonderful value for the price “Tempura Teishoku”

They’ll start to serve the one is ready to serve.

It’s steaming hot! From the left is Green pepper, Ebi (shrimp) and Kisu (a sand borer fish) Tempura.

Do you know there is a rule to eat Tempura?

I’m going to show you how to eat tempura for the people who have never had them before.

At Tempura restaurant, they’ll bring you a Tentsuyu (soy sauce based soup broth) with Daikon oroshi (grated Japanese radish).

You are going to add Daikon oroshi in this soup broth and mix it. The amount of Daikon oroshi is totally up to you.

Then you eat Tempura with dipping into the broth. It’s tastier if you dip it well! There is a tip why they add Daikon oroshi in the broth. By adding Daikon oroshi, the broth sticks well on Tempura so you’ll get a good flavor and reduce its oily tastes.

The next is Kisu tempura!

The next is Ika (squid). Crispy outside and chewy but soft inside, it’s super!

It’s a really the taste of famous “Tsunahachi”.

The last is “Koebi (prawns) no Kakiage”. Sorry abou the pictture I had a bite ;)

Kakiage is the mix Tempura the mixture of different ingredients inside. But this one was only Koebi, it was puffy and sweet. It was my favorite!

The set menu comes with rice, miso soup and pickles!

Gochisosama deshita! I’m full now!

The tempura restaurant “Tsunahashi “has a lot of branches in Tokyo but I introduced you the one it’s at the good location.

Why don’t you try authentic Tempura in Japan?

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!