For Real? No It Is Not! Food Sample Amazes You Much!

The Japanese restaurants often display their menu in front of their entrance. This is the article about those displays call Plastic Food. Let’s find out Plastic Food in “Kappabashi” which is the popular shopping district for the professional chefs.

Mmm...they look delicious...but look closer! They are all fake! These are made of plastic and called food samples!

These are very unique and you’ll hardly see them anywhere other than Japan! You can see how your food will look like without asking someone. These samples are getting ever more popular with tourists from overseas.

Where to find them? Let me tell you where...Kappabashi!

Food Samples, Knives, Japanese Plates...You Name It!

Kappabashi Dougugai street is about 15 minutes from Asakusa area and is famous for cooking tools, so its customers are mainly chefs or restaurant owners. People say go to Kappabashi to get everything you need to open your restaurant.

Alright, it is time for food sample hunt!

Can You Tell If It Was Plastic? It Isn't Just A Fake, It Is Art!

Look how "real" they are! Grilled fish makes you drool, right?

Look what I found! Well it is too big to be real sushi...but looks great!

Sukiyaki meat in runny egg...oh so real!

It’s not just Sukiyaki, but you can find spaghetti, steaks, and other great looking food!

Are you sure these breads are NOT real...?

It Could Be A Great Souvenir!

They all look so great but can't bring them back with you? No worries! You can find something that could be small and excellent as a souvenir.

How about a slice of toasted bread with butter or strawberry jam? They are switch covers. They make you hungry every time you flip a switch!

This plate of sushi tells time!

Sushi magnets look awesome! 600 yen each.

Want To Make It Your Own?

Believe it or not, you can make food samples on your own with this kit!

You can make a pretty parfait with the kit!

Get some samples of fruits and candies, then create your one!

There are an incredible variety of toppings you can choose from..

Love Ramen? You can make and preserve your great ramen experience forever!

Different kinds of Ramen kits you can choose from.

What do you think of food samples? You may be surprised how many kinds of food are available as food samples. They’re very detailed and so is a new wave of modern Japanese art! Enjoy Kappabashi, it makes you hungry, indeed!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!