A half day sightseeing model course in Asakusa ~ the classical No.1 tourist spot~ Part 2

This is part 2 of articles about Asakusa. “Asakusa” is the most famous and popular traditional sightseeing spot in Tokyo. This article shows the model course of how to enjoy Asakusa fully and efficiently. Part 2 is about Sensoji temple and other sightseeing spots around Asakusadori.

It’s a continuation of “A half day sightseeing model course in Asakusa ~ the classical No.1 tourist spot~ Part1"

5) The entrance of Sensouji, Hozomon(宝蔵門)

Now let’s move on to Sensoji. Go back to Nakamisedori and walk strait to the end of the street, then this is the entrance of Sensoji, Hozomon gate.

At this gate, you’ll find Niouzou wooden statue(仁王像) in the gate and always comes with two sets together. One niouzo is closing his mouth and the other is open. The both statue stands with scary looks on their face but are a guardian deity of Buddhism and protecting a secret temple.

6) Let’s pay a visit to Sensoji!

The famous thing to do at Sensoji is stand in front of a giant incense burner and wave its smokes to your body part where you’d like to cure or make it better. It’s like a wishing burner. It is said that you’ll be clever if you put the smokes on your head. Just make sure not to visit temple too late as the incense has burned out and no smokes are coming out from the burner.

After getting a lot of smokes then let’s go to the temple to make a wish. Sometimes there are a lot of people gathering in front of the temple, so it’s better to plan good to make sure you’ll get enough time to spend here.

Five-story pagoda(五重塔) looks really beautiful.

7) Why don’t you try Omikuji (a written fortune)

There is a place you can get a written fortune Omikuji. The great thing about Sensoji unlike the other temples is that you can find Omikuji written in Enlgish, so please try them!!

Please find out more about Omikuji n this article.

Your Fortune Doesn't Have To Be In Cookies...Try "Omikuji" At Shrine Or Temple In Japan!"

8) If your budget is not so tight, then it’s fun to try Jinrikisya!

Some people might like to try Jinrikisya, the authentic Japanese style rikisya. Just go back to Kaminarimon then you’ll find a lot of rikisya driver looking for a customer.

But this Jinrikisya is quite expensive… one hour ride for two person is about ¥20000... But if you like to experience a short trip on it then it’s a good idea to get on at Nitenmon gate it’s beside Sensouji main temple.

9) Let’s try Denki Bran at Kamiya Bar(神谷バー) on Asakusadori

Let’s go back to Asakusadori and go to the bar call “Kamiya Bar” it’s actually the first bar opened in Japan.

This is “Kamiya Bar” and let’s try Denki Bran. Denki Bran is the original cocktail founded in Meiji era and became very popular. The cocktail are made of brandy, gin, wine, curaçao and some harbs in it. It’s 45 percent of alchohol it’s really strong, I recommned it only for the people who can handle this!

10) “Tokyo cruise” the river cruise tour at Sumidagawa

Here is something enjoyable for you if you’re feeling tired walking around Asakusa. Our final plan is the river cruise “Tokyo cruise”.

The place you can get on the river cruise is just beside Asakusa station.

It’s actually a great course that you can buy a return ticket or you can get off at Odaiba and enjoy a night view over there. Both price is around ¥1000 and the last cruise is in the afternoon.

The details are on this website.

The picture across the bridge is the famous beer company Asahi’s office building. It’s the shape of a beer mug and it’s not a joke they are serious. lol The next building with wired golden cloud on top is also Asahi’s building and it representing a fire!! Do you see like a fire? “You know there is another nickname in Japanese as it looks like someone’s shxx. But of course it’s not lol) on the left is Sky Tree!

Ok, this is everything for our tour, I hope you enjoyed! Asakusa is quite nostalgic and lovely place to visit for Japanese too. You’ll never regret visiting Asakusa as it has so much to see and so much to do!

Please try at least a half day to enjoy fully in Asakusa!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!