Don't Be A Couch Potato, Go Super Potato In Akihabara!

“Super Potato” is a game store in Akihabara, Tokyo which has many collections of nostalgic Arcade Games and valuable good old games. This is the report of lively experience of “Super Potato” from our stuff.

What do you think of Akihabara? A place for geeks? Famous for electronics? I will show you a very fun place for everybody!

Super Potato here we are! You will find your favorite childhood games such as Super Mario, Kirby, Pokemon, Street Fighter, etc., in there!

The entrance is pictured below.

It Is Popular Not Only To Japanese, But Tourists!

Super Potato is on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors of the building.I suggest going to the 5th floor first, and take the elevator!

Arcade Game Lover? Enjoy at Super Potato!

You see a lot of arcade games on this floor. It is a coin-op paradise!! Kids nowadays may not know how exciting they really are! Just watching someone to play is fun too!

100 yen per play.

There is a Dagashi snack booth available. Dagashi makes cheap small snacks and candies that little kids love. It also inspires nostalgia in adults...

My favorite is this Teriyaki-flavoured potato snack.

Candies in a tin! The picture of a little girl on the tin is Setsuko from Grave of The Fireflies (Studio Ghibli movie).

Looking For Souvenir? Let's Go Downstairs!

Take the stairs down to 4th floor. A big Mario statue welcomes you! You can take a picture with him, but no touching please.

Yoshi key chain for 300 yen. Great for a souvenir, right?

A stuffed Kirby could be good, too.

A big Slime is smiling at you!

Pokemon Are Still Playable With Gameboy!

Were you obsessed with Gameboy but don't have one anymore? It’s available here in Super Potato in the 3000-5000 yen price range.

Of course you can also get some game cartridges to go with a Gameboy.

Wow it's been quite a long time, Pokemon!
I saw it on a big screen!

Third Floor Is For Game Cartridges

On the 3rd floor, you can find good old Nintendo/Super Nintendo games.

Pictured below is Dragon Quest for Super Nintendo.

Dagon Ball Z for Super Nintendo!

Final Fantasy 5! Oh the good old days...

Have you ever found anything that makes you remember your childhood?

If you play video games a lot, Super Potato will make your heart pound with excitement, but even if you don't play much anymore, it still makes you feel nostalgic and want to go back to your childhood…

Retro, yet fun... Adults wil remember their good old days and kids will find something new here... Enjoy your game time at Super Potato!

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Written by Nekko

I recently got married and I’m currently living in Tokyo. I will write about cheap shopping, and tips about fashion and lifestyle.