Raw oysters, grilled oysters and oyster fries! Oyster heaven in Shibuya!

Here we are introducing an all-you-can- eat Oyster bar in Tokyo, Shibuya! This is the article for Oyster lovers, who want to experience one of the luxurious food stuffs in Japan.

Oysters are loved by people in many countries, but we Japanese love them too! Starting with raw oysters, we eat them grilled, fried, and sauteed.

Unfortunately, oysters are pretty expensive in most countries, sometimes costing 5 dollars per piece. You might have wanted to eat more but couldn’t.

But in Japan, there is a restaurant where you can eat raw and grilled oysters as many as you want in Shibuya. Today we will talk about that place, FISH&OYSTER BAR.

Right in front of the Shibuya intersection! Easy to access.

The FISH&OYSTER BAR is located in a very convenient place. It is on the 8th floor of the Seibu Shibuya department store, which is right across the street from Shibuya station.

Enjoy Japanese oysters in an all-you-can-eat course.

This course has a time limit of 90 minutes.

When the course starts, 3 types of raw oysters first come on a large plate. Today we went with a group of three, so the plate holds 9 oysters. Boom.

One piece is so huge, it’s quite amazing that you can eat this as many as you want…Where they were produced are all different, but they all come from a famous place for oysters.

Here’s another plate that came. They are different types of oysters too.

There are three flavors. The nearest is Ponzu (Japanese seasoning made of vinegar and the juice from a bitter orange), the ones next to that is tomato paste, and the furthest is garlic and olive oil.

I love Ponzu the most. The sweetness of the oyster stands out!

Not only raw oysters but grilled ones are delicious too

After having them raw, oysters grilled unglazed and in the oven come, 2 pieces each.

Basil butter and bread crumbs on top. The butter is soaked in...

Here are oyster fries. You eat them with sweet and spicy sauce or tartar sauce.

They are very good, but you’ll become full instantly. Eat them if you’re extremely hungry.

These are all included in the course. After you’re done eating these, you can order extra, any kind you like.

They take the last order at 60 minutes. Eat’em up!

The all-you-can-eat system in Japan takes their last order when you have 30 minutes or so left. You should calculate in order to not waste time!

We of course, ordered extra raw oysters the most.

2 plates of raw oysters, one plate of grilled oysters, then back to raw oysters...

I don’t even remember how much I ate!

At the very end, they bring you oyster soup. They are so good...

What to be careful of, when you make a reservation for this all-you-can-eat course

This course requires you to make a reservation on the phone, at least 2 days before your arrival. So it’d be best if you ask a Japanese friend or the hotel concierge to make a reservation for you if you’re not able to. If you don’t have anybody, you should go to the restaurant and make a reservation there to be sure. It’s only a three-minute walk from Shibuya station, so you can stop by when you use Shibuya.

There are some periods that they do not have the all-you-can-eat course, so be sure to ask about that too!
They also have other oyster course menus, so you might as well try that too!

How was it?For an oyster-lover like me, I wanted to keep this restaurant a secret.

Make sure you stop by!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!