The Ramen Restaurant in Tokyo station for Vegetarians and Vegans!

This is the article about the Vegetarian/Vegan friendly Ramen shops which you can find in the absolute central Tokyo at “Tokyo Station”. Here we are showing the menu from two restaurants which offer an animal free delicious Ramen.

I heard that many people from overseas are fascinated by Ramen noodles these days. Some of the tourists actually came to Japan just wanted to try real Ramen here! But on the other hand, the key flavor of Ramen is usually a soup broth which contains either pork or chicken. So, it’s hard for vegetarian and vegan, even for Muslim to try them. It’s pretty unfortunate for them, isn’t it?

But today, I’m going to show you the Ramen shops in Tokyo station which are completely vegetarian friendly!

“T’s TanTan(T’s たんたん)” inside the ticket gate of Tokyo station

This “T’s TanTan”’s Ramen are completely meat free, fish free, egg free and dairy free! Even the noodles, the normal one’s are quite high calories, are made of soy beans and all ingredients are vegetable related, so it’s very healthy. Not only for vegetarian and vegans but also quite popular among women whose on diet.

This is the popular Ramen here call TanTan men (担々麺). A rich sesame and peanut flavor is the popular one.

Those who want to try something similar to real Ramen, then Shoyu Ramen (Soy sauce based) is recommended! There is Karaage (original Karaage is like a chicken nugget) made from soy beans on top. Surprisingly, if you haven’t told this is the Ramen without any animal related ingredients, you’ll hardly notice the difference. The taste was rich and really good as normal Shoyu Ramen!

Furthermore, there are various menu, such as Karaage (Japanese fried chicken) made ​​of soy. This is Karaage-Don that is a bowl of rice with Karaage on top and you can order this with some noodles as an optional set.

“T’s TanTan” is inside the ticket gate of Tokyo Station the place call “Keiyo Street”. Really easy access and handy! The shop has nice interior and quiet, so I think it’s an ideal place for girls and couples too. For more information check it out the official website!

“Soranoiro Nippon” at Tokyo Ramen Street

The next I’m going to show “Soranoiro Nippon (ソラノイロ ニッポン)” at Ramen Street in Tokyo Station again. The main store locates in Okachimachi and became famous as they’ve got a great reputation through Japanese gourmet website. Ramen Street is great place to experience Ramen as there’re many famous Ramen brands stand next to each other.

Here they provide vegetarian Ramen call “Vegisoba (ベジソバ)”. The noodles are made from rice powder and you can choose from plain or paprika flat noodles. There are a heap of vegetables on top of the Ramen, definitely good nutrition and healthy. It’s good for vegans too!

Well, but this Ramen is actually different from original “Ramen”. It’s salt base soup broth and really light. I guess if you like to have real Ramen like vegetarian Ramen then T’s TanTan’s Ramen is ideal. This Vegisoba is more like “a new Ramen style for vegetable lovers”, as it says on the reputation.

Actually the shop became famous not because of the vegetarian Ramen, the popular menu here is “Edoshiki chukasoba(江戸式中華そば)” which they’ve got a high reputation at the main shop. It’s not vegetarian at all but it’s a typical soy sauce Ramen with thin noodles and light taste soup broth.

This is the ideal place for someone who has vegetarian friends but you don’t want to go for a vegetarian choice yourself!

I hope you enjoyed my report. The idea of vegetarian/vegan Ramen is the great hospitality mind of ours that we Japanese would like everyone to experience famous Ramen from all over the world. When you are at Tokyo Station, don’t miss out!!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!