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Last Updated: 2015/09/01

Information written and released on KiKOU

  • Information on KiKOU may be changed and/or erased without prior notice.
  • KiKOU makes every effort to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of all information on this site. However, KiKOU accepts no liability in relation to the accuracy, validity, currency, and safety of the information contained on this site. KiKOU assumes no responsibilities whatever for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential damages and any other damages resulting from usage of this site.
  • KiKOU includes quotations and reprints from the other websites. KiKOU strictly followsJapanese copyright law, article 32, paragraph 1., however, if you find a problem on the site, please make inquiries using an inquiry form. KiKOU will make corrections and/or delete article(s) as necessary after verification.

For any other inquiries about information on this site, please make inquiries with an inquiry form. KiKOU may or may not make changes upon your request.

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Our privacy policy is appointed as below:

  • Personal information on KiKOU is only collected and used upon users’ requests and/or inquiries as of September 2015. If in the future we ask for your personal information via the website, we specify how the information will be used and will establish an agreement with you in advance.
  • KiKOU does not disclose your personal information to any third parties without your conscent, with the exception of the cases prescribed by Privacy Protection Ordinance.
  • KiKOU ensures the security of usage and management while personal information may be used for answering user’s request and inquiries.
  • KiKOU uses public relations firms such as Google, etc to advertise the site. The firms may show you ads upon history of your website visit (excluding your personal information), but the information they receive is not information accumulated through knowledge deliberately shared by KiKOU. The advertising setting can be switched on or off via Google Ads Settings.
  • KiKOU uses Google Analystics to collect and analyse the information collected from users. In the process, Google Analystics scrapes individual users’ browsing information from cookies, advertising identification numbers such as IDFA/AndroidAdID etc., but they do not identify specific individual(s).


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Secondary use of contents from KiKOU is strictly prohibited such as copying, lending, distributing, or selling without permission regardless of both commercial and non-commercial use.